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HTTPS Enabled Site-Wide

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Adding to the things 2017 is bringing us, AFK Mods should now transmit entirely using encryption now. Since Google has seen fit ti bully sites into doing this via scary sounding warnings in both Chrome and via search engine penalization, I figured it was about time to just do it and get it over with.

Fortunately Let's Encrypt allowed the process to be about as smooth as one could hope for. Everything under the afkmods.com domain now uses HTTPS. It may take some time before every last thing on the site is served this way but so far it seems the site caught up to most of it pretty quickly.

I'm still working on the redirects to get them to force the issue of pushing the non-encrypted data over to the encrypted side. The automated script that should have done that obviously hasn't done it correctly but that's a minor thing I can probably fix over the weekend.

It would be advisable to update all URLs in any documents you might have that point here to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.

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