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How to report bugs? In the bugtracker?

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I am asking this here, because I seem to be unable (maybe too silly...) to enter something into the bugtracker. Am I even allowed to do so? If not, I will try to post on the specific forum, but it was my impression, that everybody can and should enter bugs into the tracker, provided they are well documented and have enough information. I also tried to use my account from the forum here, but it was not accepted.

You have this question in your FAQ too, but it links to this post for an explanation and guide, but this post seems to be no longer available.

Could you please help? Thank you...

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You're absolutely right, the bug tracker is open to all to post issues. And we really prefer people to post bugs there instead of the forums where they can be easily lost. Some time ago we transitioned our bug tracker to FlySpray and the post you linked to is unavailable because that guide was made for TracDown (the old bug tracker software which is no longer used).

Your inability to access the new tracker at https://afktrack.afkmods.com/ is most likely caused by your account being new. Existing account information was transferred to FlySpray at the time of the switch last year, but since you weren't a member back then, you'll need to create an account there. It's a simple process and after that you should be good to go. You can read this thread for more information.

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i'm having trouble logging in to the tracker... i made an account today on the afk forums but when i try to log into the tracker, nothing happens. The 'login' prompt is still visible in the top right corner and i can't open a new issue.

So i'm guessing i need to make a separate account on the tracker page itself? When i try to do that, i'm also having issues... 1) it's unlcear where i should enter the solution to the math problem and what i should do with the vague text 2) when i give the solution, i get a message saying it failed because i didn't enter the right answer to the math problem

any help?

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