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IPB 4 Forum software upgrade coming

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As many of you probably know from other communities you're in, the IPB software is discontinuing all support for version 3.x as of April 2017. That's approaching faster than I'd like :P We will be performing an upgrade to IPB 4 some time in the next few days. I've already run it through a test and everything appears to work, it's just a matter of repeating it again for real at this point after deciding on a theme since the one we're using was never ported to 4.x.

Yes, I can hear the groans. It's probably not something most of you want to hear either, but we can't sit on unsupported software. Especially when it's holding back necessary upgrades to the underlying server as well. I don't like it either but something has to give.

As you might also have noted in the other announcement, the chat service is going down permanently in May so we're stuck with having to deal with that too.

Hopefully once it's been done for real we can just get on with life on the site. It'll be a one way trip when it happens too.

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Some time shortly after midnight Pacific Time (about 2.25 hours from now) I'll be taking the live site offline for the IPB 4 upgrade. Testing has more or less proven it to be stable so I see no reason to wait much longer.

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Ok folks. If you can see this message, you've probably already noticed that the upgrade went through. All appears to be working nicely. We may still need to do some tweaking here and there to get things just right.

If you happen to spot something that's not working, please let us know!

For those of you who will be using the IPB Chat, the link to it is in the "Browse" menu. If we can figure out how to get that out onto the main nav bar, we will. Nevermind, found it :P

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