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IPB Chat service being discontinued

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On 30 Apr 2017 IPS will be retiring the Chat service. Read More →

This message only shows to staff.


Was running a prelim test on updating to IPB 4 (will discuss that more soon) and saw that. Well shit. So now we're going to have to find a new chat system. Just great.


I guess it's time to start looking at options and coming up with something that will make an adequate substitute for what we'd be forced to leave behind in May. I mean, why renew the costs now if we're not going to get what we're paying for, right?

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After many discussions with other chat providers, engaging the community and our own internal discussion and research

Proposed rewording to the Statement: After many de-da-dos with other da-de-da-da, engaging the de-did-doo-doo and our own do-did-di-do and da-de-das.

Now it makes a lot more sense.  :geek:

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My biggest issue isn't the service itself. It's that it's 2017 and nobody has ever written an account integration bridge between it and IPB. If such a thing existed it would be a no-brainer. One doesn't exist for Slack either. Which is dumb. There's pretty much nothing else out there other than those 2 that would even be worth bothering with.


And no, a shoutbox is not a useful substitute either. I don't know why, but I absolutely hate how those work.

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Please don't say Discord, please don't say Discord, please don't say Discord, please don't say Discord.....

Sorry Hana, it's Discord :|


And with that said, I've posted a forum link to the chat. Only registered members will be able to see it. I would ask that people respect that and not pass it around to unregistered users as we don't intend for it to be a free-for-all public channel.

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I asked for potential good alternatives in the french community. Here's one of our admin's answer, in french because i don't know how to translate properly this technical vocabulary that I know nothing about. Google translation might be your friend :

Vous avez besoin de quoi précisément ? Vous voulez avoir un historique des messages, un système de PM ?

Le plus simple, mais assez ancien, c'est un canal IRC, un peu comme ce qu'on faisait pendant longtemps sur wiwiland. Par contre je ne pense pas que l'on puisse recevoir des messages en étant absent.

Les shoutbox intégrées aux forums et sites sont généralement mal codées et remplies de vulnérabilités... Et  en plus c'est sooooooo has-been icon_biggrin.gif

En plus moderne, 3.0, nouveau monde digital, il existe des services comme slack (ou mattermost en open source, mais il faut te faire héberger) qui fonctionne quasiment comme un IRC, avec log des messages en cas d'absences, PM. Au départ c'est fait pour un environnement professionnel et le travail d'équipe, et c'est assez satisfaisant.

But helping you is quite hard when I don't know or understand your expectations/angers. Please elaborate, I'll make a copy/paste in our forums and hopefully someone may have constructive and pertinent answers.

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*dusts off high school french lessons*


From what I gather there, Nico, he's suggesting IRC, Slack, and the Shoutbox that comes with IPB. These are all options that have been considered and debated. Thanks anyway, but we have our solution. :)

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Yep. We had already given consideration to those.


IRC - too old and too prone to the bad seeds of the internet.

Slack - Doesn't have sufficient options for customization, especially in the theme department.

Shoutbox - I and several others simply don't like that method of chatting and would never use it.

One you didn't mention - Skype: No. Just no :P


I get that Discord sucks, but it's the best option we have at this point. If someone down the road cooks up something better we'll certainly be free to try it out though.

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In case anyone is wondering where it went, IPS has officially terminated chat. Might be a bit early but I suspect the shutdown was tied to GMT, and it's May 1 in the UK now. Can't say I'll miss it considering the mess they made of it with IPB 4, but if they hadn't screwed it up I would.

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Ohs noes.  I had no idea this was happening or I would have popped in for the end-of-the-world party.  I have long refused to use Discord but I guess that's because I was forced to always have Skype open and didn't want two chat apps.  I've since saved my soul stopped using that garbage so I guess now I have room to start using Discord... 

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