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More workshop attack nonsense

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There is a number of quests that may start animal attacks on workshop locations. The mirelurk attacks will only occur at Spectacle Island, but all other attacks can occur at any settlement:








They are sitting in the same SM event node branch as the other attack quest, and whether you get animals or the ususal bad guys attacking after an attack quest has been triggered by WorkshopParentScript is entirely random.


Now you're probably going to say: "But I never had those attacks in my game ...". And there you're wrong, because you had them happening all the time. Animal attacks are different: they never display a warning message because their quest objectives tabs are all empty. Nonetheless, they will be terminated in the usual way: if the player does not make it to the attack location in good time (which is not likely to happen since he doesn't know about it), they are resolved off screen, and if the attackers win (at least, the chance for this to happen is lower here because those quests will spawn less attackers), a random damage is applied to workshop objects and scrap items will be removed from your workbench (yep, deathclaws stealing your teddy bears ...).


There was a post in the UFO4P thread on the Nexus some while ago where somebody claimed that there were scrap items gone missing from one of his workshops without having had an attack. Now we know why.


Even worse though: it's apparently not a bug. There is a note on the stage 1000 quest fragments saying "use low attack strength since there was no objective" which clearly indicates that the animal attack quests are intentionally not displaying any warning messages.

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