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Game breaking Glitch in the "Dangerous minds" mission. (XBOX ONE)


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As far as I can tell, I'm the only person having this problem. When you enter the mind of Kellogg during the "Dangerous Minds" mission, everything seems fine. Until I got to the Institute memory. I finished the memory and tried to continue, but at the 2nd left turn after the institute memory, there is a rather small floating black wall that blocks the path, meaning you cant continue and the game is incompleteable. You can't jump it, you can't reload your save to fix it, forcing a restart of the entire console won't fix the bug, even deleting the game and re-installing did nothing. I've lost sleep and I have no other choice but to post here. I've tried sending this to the. UFO4P Bugtracker, but didn't even receive a response. This'll be the 2nd game breaking bug I've found. The only mod I have is The UFO4P so no other mods are causing this issue. Here is a YouTube video for good measure.

This is about all the info I could tell. Hopefully someone sees this and addresses the problem.
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Supahmen I'm having the same problem but the only thing I know about that wall is that there's three of them and there's not walls it's part of the memory it's the vault doors they're blocking the way of entry. My question for you is that are you using mods because I have used mods before and did this mission and it worked perfectly fine but now it's broken I have taken out these mods to see but that did nothing I wanted to state these walls are vault doors and I also wanted us to work together to fix this problem because I noticed multiple people are having this problem I have counted four including myself.

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