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Fallout 4 Mods Summer Roadmap + Mod Guidelines + DevNotes

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Fallout 4 Mods Summer Roadmap

Important stuff:

  • Ability to upload a Mod for multiple platforms at one time, rather than for each platform
    You will not have to manage three separate mod detail pages per platform but will rather have one single location for a Mod that will identify the platforms that your Mod supports.
  • Improved comments on Mod detail pages
    Adding in features like ‘reply to comment’, ‘report a comment’, ‘like a comment’ and potentially ‘flag a comment’ as a bug for Modders to get feedback on issues with their Mods.
  • Customizable Version Naming
    Version numbering for Mods can be renamed to keep your version in sync with other Modding communities and/or to allow you to control the versioning.
  • Ability to flag dependencies for a Mod
    Modders will be able to select other Mods as dependencies for their Mods.
  • Improved Mod Reporting
    Revising Mods reporting categories for better clarity and new categories like stolen content. This will provide our Moderation team with better data to properly evaluate problems as they come up. We also continue to tweak the automatic takedown threshold for better responsiveness.

Guidelines for Uploading Mods


Another link to send to people who ask rules questions.




Finally a central place for update notes and roadmaps.

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