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Gallery Permissions Errors

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If any of you have been wondering why you can't access the gallery while logged in, wonder no more. After a few people noticed this was a problem for them and reported it, I was finally able to determine that an upgrade to the site that took place back in August of 2014 had silently changed the default gallery access to block all new members from viewing or uploading anything to it. We don't know why this was done, but it was.


I have now corrected this by repairing the damaged database field and have run a query to restore the default access everyone should have had. So for those of you who didn't know you were supposed to be allowed to view it, you were, enjoy :P


If anyone gets any strange errors or permission problems attempting to access the gallery, especially for any private albums or stuff that you should have access to but don't, please let us know. It's quite possible that some people may have had certain permissions get incorrectly updated by this fix.

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