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I just tested it out in game. When I have USLEP (Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch) running, the FNIS spells do not work on npcs at all. However, when I turn it off and try again, this time the FNIS animations work. FNIS is necessary in order to run other animations... but USLEP is also necessary to run without bugs... any way to make them compatible? 


Whether FNIS or USLEEP is on individually or together - Mod Organizer, LOOT, and the mods themselves do not report any issues... they only happen when it comes to spells in game. 


I've tried using TES5Edit to change FNIS's masters if it relied on individual unofficial patches, but I noticed it's master is only Skyrim.esm so I canceled out of it. 


Before anyone asks, I'm not running a crap ton of mods right now and my pc is not at fault. I only have 6 mods which are all basic mods: (USLEEP, FNIS + Creature pack + spells pack, SkyUI, SKSE and Unofficial Hi-rez Pack.

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I run them both and NPC Idle spells works fine.

It wouldn't even be possible to block FNIS spells with USLEEP as;


1) FNIS would be loaded after it and overwrite any USLEEP changes - if there were any, which there isn't,

2) FNIS uses all it's own scripts


Are you sure you're re-running GenerateFNISforUsers whenever you activate/deactivate/install/uninstall mods?

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MO stores all mod files in a virtual directory, so nothing is ever really "overwritten".

The overwrite folder is a feature of MO that contains any file that was not present when the instance of MO was run. MO doesn't know where to put these files, so they end up in "overwrite" (always the bottom-most item in the left pane of MO). If files are left there, they will override anything that comes before it as a safety feature, hence the name "overwrite".

It is good practice to keep the overwrite folder clean. A user should right-click the overwrite folder, and "create mod" to create a "fake" mod for anything that ends up in overwrite. For example, FNIS output.

This might make a bit more sense if you read STEP's instructions for FNIS: http://wiki.step-project.com/Fores_New_Idles_in_Skyrim#Recommendations

They are pretty solid instructions for running FNIS in MO.

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