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There have been some reports of.. shall we say... inappropriate comments being made in the chat directed toward minors (as defined in the USA: Under 18). We have several community members here who are under age, and certain things are not considered appropriate to do when they are online.


These would include, but are not limited to:


1. Comments of a sexual nature. Just don't. You can get yourself into serious legal trouble over this and we WILL cooperate with law enforcement if they come asking about it.


2. Comments dealing with alcohol or drugs. Pretty much the same as above. Just don't.


3. Probably something else I'm forgetting, but in general, if it's something that would garner an R-rated movie, or M-rated game, it probably isn't appropriate to be discussing when minors are present.


Common sense should prevail, but this includes linking to offsite images, videos, and posts about the same sort of things. Please don't do this.


Please watch the comments, we don't want to have to start issuing chat bans over it, but if it continues, we will. It's as much for your own protection as it is ours, and I don't really want to have to faff about with finding age-gate software to restrict access to the site with.

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