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[Server] Upgrade Notice

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Linode is making a switch in their backend virtualization software from Xen to KVM. The free upgrade is now listed in our panel so we'll be scheduling time to transition the site on Sunday, some time shortly after 7PM PDT.
They claim the actual upgrade will take about 15 minutes, but this is the tech world. If the site is down for an hour or two on Sunday night, don't be overly surprised.
why they think this is of benefit:

  • 300% improvement in UnixBench score, with a KVM Linode vs a Xen Linode
  • 28% faster at compiling a Linux kernel with a KVM Linode vs a Xen Linode
  • Boot and shutdown times are greatly improved

We don't particularly need to worry about #2, but the others are worth it.

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