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Can I suggest 'fixes' for the Unofficial Skyrim Patch?

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A suggestion, not really broken per say, but it would make things a *lot* easier with the Thieves Guild radiant quests. There are two locations that should be removed from the site of possible locations. The White Phial and Arnleif and Sons Trading Company both because there are triggers in both, IE the NPCs all stand around like statues until you walk in the first time then they say their lines *then* they go about their normal lives. So the first time you break into both your caught because the NPCs aren't exhibiting a normal behavior, IE they aren't asleep at, say, 3am when everyone else is asleep and they see you even if your hidden and the sneak meter is closed. I had that happen at Arnleif, the sneak meter was closed but after they got done talking the one shop keep warned me that I shouldn't be there, yet she couldn't detect me otherwise my sneak meter would have been partly or fully open. 

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