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April 2014 - Server Upgrades

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Linode is at it again. With their recent revamp of services, the plan AFK Mods is on is eligible for a free upgrade.


Details of what they're up to can be found on the Linode Blog.


The tl;dr version for us: We're getting an extra 1GB of RAM and an additional 1000 GB (1 TB) of monthly transfer quota. Plus a processor upgrade to a much newer version than we had before. Oh - and everything is going to move to blazing fast SSDs for storage.


Since this will require downtime I'm going to plan to do this on Saturday, April 19, 2014 sometime around 1pm or so. Yes, I know that's kind of an odd time to do this sort of thing, but I'd rather not execute an upgrade like this in the middle of the night after being up all day.


Linode currently projects the upgrade would take ~45 minutes, so let's just be realistic and call it 2-4 hours.


In addition to that, while the downtime window is in effect, I'm going to be upgrading the server's operating system to the next major version. This will include a number of optimizations and security fixes that generally accompany such things, as well as updated versions of Apache, PHP, and MySQL - the core of what drives the website.


I'll reply here an hour before the downtime window starts, and then again when the all clear is sounded.


Oh, and if anyone is seriously looking for a good VPS/Cloud hosting service, you can't beat Linode.

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Sounding the all clear. Not bad. ~90 minutes for a hardware migration and OS update.


Please keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary and let us know. Otherwise, back to enjoying the site!

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