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MGRitual04QuestScript -- Unending/continuous papyrus log errors


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I added a small portion of this error to the tracker (issue #14446), but could use some advice as to whether there are multiple things that need to be addressed and added to the tracker.
The actual log was over 150,000 lines long (10 MB in size) in less than 10 minutes after completing the quest, so I condensed it down significantly (see link at top of post), since it repeats the same error(s) over and over. It appears to be similar to a bug that was fixed with USKP 2.0.0 ( #13631)
I should also note that The Augur did not speak his line of dialogue ("You are worthy") after finishing "the test" either.
By the way, in my current game, I reloaded a save prior to starting this quest, because I don't really want this script going endlessly for the rest of the game, but I still have several save files available if you guys would need them when attempting to fix this issue at a later date.


Edit: This issue was fixed with USKP 2.0.1. The fix for this bug was evidently non-retroactive (according to the change log).


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