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Bug Tracker Update

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Tracdown has been updated, let us hope this cures at least some of the problems we've been having :P


  • Possible foreach error on issues
  • AdminCP actionbar
  • "There are no orphaned issues in this category" when deleting a category.
  • Able to move orphaned issues to a category which doesn't exist
  • Severities could be added when there were no categories
  • Versions could be added when there were no categories
  • Versions could not be viewed when there was no default category
  • Issue Tags did not respect the IP.Board Minimum Tags and Required Tags settings.
  • "Issue Options" doesn't update Versions / Severities when Category is changed. Removed Category change from this area and implemented a Move Category option under 'Issue Moderation'
  • Moved blank to top of staff assignment list
  • Stopped issue author (if staff) being automatically selected to be assigned to the issue on edit
  • Issue comments are removed when issue is deleted
  • Issue timeline is removed when issue is deleted.


  • Move Issue tool to replace the category changer on Add Issue / Edit Issue / Quick Edit.
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