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Crimson Nirnroot not being counted.

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Hrm. Ok. Can you load everything in your load order into TES5Edit, then look for form 000C9BA0 and tell me what all is touching that? A screenshot of it would also go a long way. I suspect something may have nulled the property we added for counting nirnroots.

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Using TES5Edit is pretty simple. Just download it, extract everything inside its archive into a new folder and start the program with TES5Edit.exe.


It will bring up a window with all your mods listed as they are in your load order. See that the mods that have the little box ticked before them are the same ones as the character you're experiencing this nirnroot issue with, and then click 'OK'. It will take a while for the program to load everything. You can follow the load process in the right sidepanel. Once it stops scrolling and the last line reads 'Background Loader: finished', it's ready for you to use.


On the top left corner there are two boxes you can write on. You'll want to put '000C9BA0' into the Form ID box and hit Enter. The left sidepanel (under the writable boxes) will open up into a hieararchy with IDs, just ignore it. You're only interested in the right sidepanel. I uploaded an image for your reference, this is what the record looks like for me. Does yours match? If not, how is it different?


You'll want to see if there is anything touching this record after Unofficial Skyrim Patch. Load order goes from left to right: first, there's Skyrim.esm, then Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp. Are there also other entries? It would probably be easiest to take a screenshot, so Arthmoor can see it.

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Yep. Looks like William needs to update his mod - Better Quest Objectives has blocked out the nirnroot counter property in NN01.


Nexus has the updated copy. Apparently he never uploaded that here.

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