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[Dawnguard] Auriel's Bow effect glitch

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I'm currently without a screenshot, but I can post one when I get home.


The issue is simply that the sunburst animation that triggers after I shoot the sun with the Sunhallowed Arrows simply won't go away. Every time I return to the area where I did it, the effect triggers, sans the damage effect. The sky lights up, day or night, with the effect, then goes away. If I transition to a new area and come back, it returns. Is there any way I can fix this?


I have fired additional arrows to see if this problem persists still, and it does. I can essentially infinitely stack sunbursts and I can't seem to clear them out.


I'm currently only running a completely vanilla build, no mods on this save at all, although some minor console work I had to do to clear some bugged quests and whatnot. My save doesn't exhibit any other strange behaviors, and a complete reinstall doesn't solve it.


If it matters, the effect is in the sky just outside Whiterun. Other than all that, I can't think of anything pertinent to the bug. Any help or insight would be appreciated.

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Welcome to AFK Mods forum! :beerchug:



I tried to look for it in the bug tracker if it exist, but there are so many reported issue and I'm feeling a little tired right now.


Just go here and click one of the green links in the top row bar for a specific category then go from there.  Sorry I don't know more than that and if you can't still post your report then PM Arthmoor and he'll assist you. :smile:

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