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Happy New Year!

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Well, 2010 is done and gone. We welcome our 2011 overlords with open arms. [more]TES Modding has come a long way in 2010 with things people never thought possible thanks to the magic of OBSE. Plenty of high quality mods were released for Oblivion, and huge strides were even made for game enhancing code patches for Morrowind.Talking creatures, playable goblins, weather effects visible through windows (though only in testing so far), exteriors visible from inside interiors, Godrays and other awesome shader effects previously impossible, you name it.2011 will almost certainly be dominated by news for TES V: Skyrim. I know we're all anticipating it greatly. Here's to hoping Skyrim generates renewed interest in the Elder Scrolls series and brings with it a raft of wonderful new mods to keep us all amazed.

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yay happy new-oh wait its 8.22 pm on january the first in my time zone :redface:
What? It's not the new year anymore because you're a whole 20 hours into it? :thinking:
Here's hoping AFK_Courtiers gets some love before Skyrim is out. :lol:
All AFK_Courtiers will take is a little love' date=' and a little help from our friends' date=' as it were. ;)[/quote'']So, we've got 11 months to get back to work on it? innocent.gif
Happy New Years folks' date=' another one down, hopefully this one goes as smoothly as the last. :P[/quote']Man, your 2010 must've been way better than mine was. :huh:
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Ah, well, if you're going to take that into account, I can see why you'd feel that 2010 was a great year for you. For those of us who didn't have some singular event of such wonderful proportions as to overshadow all the rest of the year though, the year wasn't really nearly as good. But even for you, I'd still hope that 2011 brings more glad tidings than 2010 did, if perhaps none quite so monumental. ;)I will say that, at my house, we ended the year on a very positive note with the birth of a litter of puppies though which we're very happy about. :biggrin:

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Ok, hopefully I've got it fixed right this time, though it's not the easiest thing to test from my end, but if you need me to, I can copy/paste the post itself over to here instead, though it's a fairly large post with 8 pictures in it... maybe I can just post a shot of mom with her five new pups


But I still wouldn't mind at all if someone could re-hit the actual post to see if I got it fixed so that guests to the site can view front page news articles now. (You should be able to see it by clicking on the Read more... link or via the entry in the recent posts list now without throwing up QSFP errors...)

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Oh good, then I did get it right. :)They're adorable little puppies. They're still blind at this point, but Dragona's designated one of them my sleep buddy because she likes to lay him next to me when I'm laying in bed and watch him snuggle up to me to go to sleep and the rest of them will wriggle all over the tub while"mom" is outside going potty and then as soon as she comes back they stop whatever they were doing (exploring, sleeping, whatever) and immediately wriggle to try to swarm her. :lol:

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