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Oakwood 1.0.12

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A new village reviving an old town from TES:Arena.

Falkreath Hold has always seemed like a reasonably large place, but having only the Hearthfire home, a house taken over by bandits, and the burned out remains of Helgen hardly does it justice. Oakwood fleshes this out somewhat by placing a fishing and mining village on the shores of Lake Illinalta, just west of Lakeview Manor. This town once existed in TES:Arena but has not been mentioned since so there's nothing saying it wouldn't still be here. When combined with building the Hearthfire home at Lakeview Manor, it feels more like a larger town with a manor house at the head.

Requires the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch to be installed first!

What's New in Version 1.0.12


Updated USSEP synchronization.
Added the missing Follower and Dog markers to keep your group away from where you're trying to fish.

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So I just installed the mod but I think I must've done something wrong because Rorlimir's doesn't seem to be opening up for me even though it looked like Arthmoor fixed that some time ago.  It's possible I've not waited long enough.


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Does not work on AE editions, will instantly CTD. Once I removed the plugin the game works. Wrye bash gives error saying this mod was made for a different version of the game.  

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Update your game. The mod currently only supports 1.6.1130. Wrye Bash is telling you this for a reason.

Also there is no SE/AE difference to consider here. It's all SE with varying degrees of additional DLC attached.

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Neat mod, but what's with the Dibella statue surrounded by corundum veins and miners on the islet? Is there some reasoning behind it (lore, easter egg) or did you add it for aesthetic purposes.

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Hey, why is Rorlirmir's shop always closed? Is this a bug?

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8 hours ago, Arthmoor said:

It was, you need to update. That's been fixed already.

I have the latest version and have been using it since I started my play through.

what time should his shop be open? I will test again

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