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A new village reviving an old town from TES:Arena.

Falkreath Hold has always seemed like a reasonably large place, but having only the Hearthfire home, a house taken over by bandits, and the burned out remains of Helgen hardly does it justice. Oakwood fleshes this out somewhat by placing a fishing and mining village on the shores of Lake Illinalta, just west of Lakeview Manor. This town once existed in TES:Arena but has not been mentioned since so there's nothing saying it wouldn't still be here. When combined with building the Hearthfire home at Lakeview Manor, it feels more like a larger town with a manor house at the head.

Requires the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch to be installed first!

What's New in Version 1.0.9


Fixed a navmesh bug inside Rorlimir's Finest Sundries that was causing them to be unable to navigate around the bed properly and may have been the ultimate cause of the shop being locked when it wasn't supposed to be.
Tallie's AI package had too large a radius resulting in her using the guest bed sometimes.

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When using ASLAL's "I'm camping in the woods" option, the skeleton from Oakwood (the skeleton in the wolf cave nearby) would drop at my feet when I spawned at the campsite near Helgen. You and I had a discussion about this on the nexus. Other people posted the same problem. In any case, the change I made was to turn on "Don't Havok Settle" for this skeleton in xedit:

Worldspace / Tamriel / Block -1, -1 / Sub-Block -1, -3 / 00009BD4 (POIPineForest21) / xx000CF8 TreasCorpseSkeleton:

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Re: Oakwood's long-running issues with door lock hours at Rorlimir's Finest Sundries


Found it, through dumb luck.   At the root, it's a NavMesh issue.  One of the vertices at the foot of the bed, is riding on top of the chest.   It makes one side of the bed effectively inaccessible to NPCs, so both Rorlimir & Brialla cannot sleep at the same time.  It throws off their sleep schedules, and since sleep packages determine when doors are locked, it also affects the door locks. (see attached pic: side view of the NavMesh near the bed)


I would also recommend giving Brialla an explicit sleep package instead of relying on her sandbox package to make her sleep.   Adding Rorlimir's sleep package to her stack works great. Sandbox packages can be somewhat variable, because they'll sleep when the package manager decides they should, not necessarily on a fixed schedule.  Which throws another variance into the door lock/unlock schedule.


On the subject of sleeping, Tallie's sleep package, ARTHOakwoodBardSleep has a radius of 500 from her editor location.   This puts the guest bed barely in range, and she frequently ends up sleeping in it instead of the intended double bed.  Dropping the radius (I'm using 256, but whatever) keeps her in the double bed. (see attached pic: dropped a MapMarker on Tallie's head, with a radius of 500 in its extra tab.   The guest bed is partially within the circle, which apparently is enough for the package manager to select it)

Rorlimirs NavMesh.jpg

tallie sleep radius.jpg

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Hey, just noticed that ARTHOakwoodRorlmirServices [PACK:08000E0C] may be set incorrectly.


From my experience, most traders has a couple more flags set in their packages:

  • Offer Service 
  • Unlock doors at package start
  • Continue if PC Near

Namely, the second flag could responsible for that bug with shop's door always staying close — NPC doesn't know that he's supposed to open his shop when this package kicks in. So the door is always closed. 


I've attached screenshot from xEdit to show how it supposed to look.




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The package for this shopkeeper was modeled after all of the other vanilla ones. None of them have these extra flags attached.

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Well, some do have.


I just speak from my testing.

  • No tweaks: door to shopkeeper stays permanently shut.
  • Tweaks: door opens as normal. 


And since navmeshes, pathing and literally everything else is fine — I have no other ideas why this is happening.





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Rolimir's Finest Sundries is still closed during work hours, only way to get in is by picking the lock, I also noticed that during this time he is always using the cauldron and during the weird times his shop is actually "open" he is at the counter as he should be :S

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