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Gameplay Changes

Mods that alter some aspect of gameplay.

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  1. Wasteland Travel Caravans

    This mod adds a network of travel caravans to the wasteland to connect the major settlements. The normal fast travel system is still available, however this mod caters to those who prefer to make their trips between major areas slightly more immersive. Travel service is relatively cheap, and the caravans are well protected. Each operator is in or near the main area of the settlement they serve and has one pack brahmin and one normal brahmin. So they should be easy enough to find.
    The system behaves more or less the same way the Stilt Sriders in Morrowind did. You pay the operator and they take you to the destination you specify. No operator serves all destinations, so you will need to know which stops you need to make in between on the way to where you're going. Time will pass as though you used fast travel and should be fairly close to the actual game time fast travel would have used up.




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