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  1. Old Marine Caches

    A Marine Veteran from Operation Anchorage has decided that waiting for Armageddon is foolish.  So he prepares a series of cashes which should get him and his family safely from Goodsprings to Southern Utah.  Alas, Murphy was an optimist. 
    After successfully breaking into the Old Marine's house in Goodsprings, a note on the dining room table will set you on a trail across the Mojave to collect the caches.  Each cache will contain enhanced and specialized weapons and armor and a note directing you to the next cache.  Think of this as a treasure hunt, and not a quest.  The directions to each cache were written to his wife, who is familiar with the area and terrain, so the clues are sometimes cryptic. 
    The upside, some of these weapons and armor will make it through the "security screen" for the Sierra Madre and will ease your visit to that death trap.  Also, if you visit Big MT before going to the Sierra Madre, you can bring Christine her COS Armor and Weapon. 
    This mod requires ALL Fallout New Vegas DLC, or the GOTY version of the game. 
    This mod was originally created by Poorly Aged and his grandson, Unshod Cobbler and Black Swan.  I have been given permission to maintain and update this mod as necessary.  See the link below for the transfer of ownership.
    This mod may be downloaded for use during gameplay only.  Any other use is prohibited.  This mod may NOT be shared, reuploaded or modified without my EXPRESS WRITTEN permission.
    This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Microsoft, Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, or any of their affiliates.




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