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Beware the things you may find floating around in here!

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  1. The Horkerpocalypse

    No one knows why it happened. Was it revenge? Were the Gods angry with us? Was that mage who left here cursing our names responsible? It no longer matters. We are in the battle of our lives! Windhelm has been overrun. There is little hope. Nothing we can do to save ourselves. To whomever reads this note, we beseech you. Stop this madness before it takes us all straight to Oblivion! It's here! The Horkerpocalypse is upon us all!
    -- Note found pinned to a post outside Windhelm sometime last night. Is that a beer stain?
    From the demented minds of the AFK Mods team comes a mod with absolutely no true purpose whatsoever. Born of a chat session that got just a bit too... weird. Come, hero, prove yourself worthy. Save the citizens of Windhelm from their beer induced delusions if you dare. Do you have what it takes to stop The Horkerpocalypse?




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