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Companions & NPCs

Mods that add new companions, followers, and other NPCs.

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  1. Ashe

    Say hello to your new friend Ashe .

    she will go invisible when you sneak . she sneaks when you sneak. she goes on fire when in combat . she will mostly use her ranged weapon but also loves her custom sword . she also makes comments and chatter with her Boston accent . she doesn't affect the stealth meter . custom sword with custom effect . she have a new fire weapon with special effects , this weapon uses a new type of ammo . and can be upgraded . the new type of ammo is craftable , is tracer, marker, and explosive . (it will mark your enemies, you will understand how when you use it) , can be crafted at the cooking bench under utility . you need the recipe in your inventory in order to do that , you can find it in Ashe's inventory, 50 rounds are crafted at each time . custom coat with new textures . (the textures are optional) (the coat gives immunity to falling damage). custom ring with a special effect . (it boosts action points) she will wait for you to attack first, unless she is directly attacked. you can leave her in a specific place , and have her reach you again later, at any time and at any place. no disarm. no stagger. good sniper. Aggressive. Foolhardy. Helps Friends and Allies.

    rad immunity . can disarm opponents . Regen AP faster when low . immune to paralysis, poison, and frenzy.

    essential. can sandbox. sit, eat, go around (this feature is for when you leave her in some place) . to control her following/staying , you need that item "Strange device" you will find on one of the thugs sent after her. she will follow you if you activate it in your inventory (it's under apparel) , and will stop if you deactivate (unselect) (the item doesn't occupy any slot) . if you leave her somewhere , she will reach you after that at any place when you activate it again (it's like a call system). OPEN CONSOLE, LEFT CLICK ON HER, TYPE : setplayerteammate 1 , PRESS ENTER . this way you can trade with her any time you want .

    STORY :
    Chapter 1
    A girl on fire
    Native of Boston, she grew to always dislike more how her world turned to be . she was feeling an inner fire in her, that was eager to reveal itself ... to make a change to make a difference in this harsh world . finding her true potential as adulthood came, she set herself in a journey ... the feeling was obscure at first but became clearer with time . she was searching for a particular person, a person that will be the vessel for that change .
    At last her efforts led her to your vault as she felt the fire of change in you, but only to find you in the state you were, not knowing how to wake you up, she decide to leave you a message and some stuff to help you find her .
    Will you fulfill her desire to be at your side, to be a part of your journey and to help in making the change she always longed to ?. perhaps you will discover her secret someday, the truth behind her powers and what really happened to her in her wandering days !.
    Prepare yourself for a little encounter once you are near her place, some mercenaries are tracking her ...
    Chapter 2 (soon)
    A bag of trouble
    Some people are coming after you !, they are trying to kill you for unknown reasons ...
    Ashe leaves the main companion slot open for other friends like Cait, DogMeat, etc.
    After you enable her mod file And help her ... , She will follow you Unless you want her to stay somewhere, and even if you have a follower or more.
    You don't have to make a new game, anyway, as you already know from the story, she left a message for you, you will find it near your cryo chamber . the message will introduce you to her story with some vague info, and will point out where to find her . she also mentions leaving some stuff for you . you will find those things in a nearby room, don't be fouled by their look as they are similar in it to some vanilla stuff, they are very different, you will discover that while using them ...
    Prepare yourself for a little encounter once you are near her place, some mercenaries are tracking her (custom unique enemies, Bolo and his group) . you will find on one of them some more info about her story and a very important item ( " Strange device" ). this item will allow you to make her stay wherever you want and call her back to you wherever you are and whenever you want . don't loose it, it's a key item in her story .

    Compatibility :
    This mod should be compatible with everything as it doesn't edit any vanilla record .




  2. Tess

    A new custom companion .

    Tess is a companion that you can have along with any other one or more . She doesn't belong to the companion system . She will find you once you install her, wherever you are, and will continue following you and fight by your side . Tess will use ranged and melee weapons as she see fit, and she will change weapons as she level up with you . she begin at level 5 and can level to 100 . She doesn't affect the stealth meter and she have many perks and abilities .
    She have a cute voice and is always happy .

    Esp. choices :
    Tess wearing a custom set . Tess elegance . Tess traveling gear . Tess synth, wearing a full synth set with army helmet .

    There's a photo for each one of them in the image section .
    Use only one .

    Just unpack and drop the esp. in your data folder .
    NOTES :
    Please note that you can talk to her and she will respond, but you can't do other then that . i don't think that the dialogue menu can be opened without the CK, if someone knows something, his help would be much appreciated . anyway you don't need to talk to her to recruit her, she is set to accompany you automatically ... you cannot dismiss her .
    No need for a new game, and you can uninstall whenever you want by deleting the esp. .
    This mod doesn't edit any vanilla record and doesn't affect any quest .
    This mod was made on Fo4edit .
    Many thanks for the FO4EDIT team for their great work .




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