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Yet more registration woes


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Over the last month or so we've been getting regular complaints and/or questions about why some people are unable to register accounts with us. There's probably more reasons than we could possibly list for it, but right now the 4 most common things are:

1. People inputting invalid addresses. If you're not careful when entering your information, the email going out from the site will bounce back with a domain not found message. When this happens there's nothing we can do with that information - from our perspective it looks just like a possible bot attempt so it WILL get ignored. Fortunately it's also the easiest to correct, just make sure when you try again that the information you give us is valid. It is also worth taking note of one thing. IPS is planning to update their user registration system to require the use of email addresses as the account name. They have not said when this will happen, but it seems as though it might be pretty soon. When it does, they've made it sound like it will not be possible to complete a signup with invalid information.

2. Email inboxes which are too full to receive more mail. There are tons of services like Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, and Yahoo who still offer free email to the masses. The thing is, they also tend to come with limits on how much you can store. While this isn't such a big problem with Gmail, it is with the others, and we've seen many instances of bounce notifications where the email box is full. When this happens, the email server is not going to retry again later. So as with #1, there is nothing we can do about this. You'll need to clean out your inbox first.

3. Your email account is served via a t-online.de account. If you have an email address on this particular service, you will not be able to register. Your ISP is auto-rejecting email coming from our server without providing any kind of reason as to why. All attempts to contact someone at the ISP have failed. Whatever it is they're doing, it's not standard email protocol in the slightest. So the only thing we can advice here is to pester the ISP about it, or use an alternate address that's not tied to their systems. We cannot fix this from our end.

4. Your email account is being served by one of several AT&T related domains. So far we've been able to confirm that addresses ending with @sbcglobal.net, @att.net, and @bellsouth.net will be rejected claiming the message is spam. This is because your ISP is using a disreputable spam filtering service known as Uceprotectl3. Rather than acting on IPs which send actual spam, they instead choose to blacklist entire service providers because of one or two rogue users who happened to have used them at some point. Unfortunately this particular spam blacklist engages in extortionist tactics by expecting you to pay to have yourself removed even if you did nothing wrong. All attempts to inform AT&T on this matter have been ignored. So it seems they don't care that their clients may be missing emails from places they intended to get messages from.

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