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Issue #30235: Killing Nimhe causes Favor151 to quit

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Given that you have a post on the forum where you've mentioned having used a save editor on your game, my guess would be this is the fallout from having done that. It's the kind of corruption I've seen countless times caused by tools people insist are safe.

I've never used a save editor. Arthmoor is confusing me with somebody else.

Anyway, I'd included 2 saves. And the console command to verify the quest status. Easy to reproduce.

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Someone was saying they saw a post from you stating you'd used a save editor. Apparently they mistook the DLL loaders you're using for one or something. You ARE however using a number of "game fixes" type of plugins which IMO don't strike me as something we should be providing support for, no matter how enamored the community has become with them. That kind of black box data manipulation is unpredictable and doesn't give consistent results for a lot of people.

Regardless, I did check, and as I stated in your ticket there is no connection at all anywhere in the game data between Nimhe and Favor151. The two have no references to each other at all, so it simply isn't possible for this to be a vanilla game issue. Don't leave relevant information out of your forum posts like this. I'm not sure what end goal you're after with this kind of tactic but it's not appreciated and never has been.

Also there were no save files attached anywhere in your ticket. Not that it would have mattered.

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I'd thought I'd attached a pair of save files, before and after. My mistake.

I'd reported it in the bug tracker, but I'm unable to find the connection either. Hoping that others will test. I'm raising it here, because we don't get enough eyeballs on the tickets. Also you closed it saying I'm using a save editor, which is false.

That new runthrough does use SSE Engine Fixes. I'm unsure how it could have bolloxed any setstage across quests. But it does fix the savegame issue that ended my previous long run. There are some terrible programming errors in the vanilla game.

Did you actually test killing Nihme before talking to the Jarl, then checking the stages as described in the bug report?

I'll do that myself with a new runthrough to see whether it is reproducible across runs.

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I've killed Nimhe plenty of times before ever talking to the jarl and Favor151 has never once been impacted by doing so. I don't use any of those so-called fixer plugins either and my game has never once encountered any of the terrible things they say will happen to it without them.

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