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Bug in “The Path Of Knowledge”

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After getting the first three cubes from the workshop, Neloth leads you into an area where you have to use control boards and a cube to get all three bridges down, opening the path forward. Once you reach the top of the staircase, Neloth tells you to place the cube in the receptacle to lower the water level. When I reached the other side of the room I was unable to use the control board to unlock the door, which would allow me to continue the quest. Are there any console commands or mods I can add in addition to the patch to fix this? I just need to find a way to make the object interactive. 

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First off, there is no bug in that quest and when I did that quest I didn't noitce anything wrong and back then I use a lot of mods.  Still I was able to finish the quest.

Are you using mods?  If you do then post your loadorder, otherwise we cannot help you.

Using the console just to finish a quest are not recommended, unless you are testing a mod that has a quest or two.

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