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Mmm, probably. But I confirm I can get it for free :


It falls in my caddy for 0.00 € and my only option (as I already own it) is to specify the mail adress of the buddy to whom I wish to offer it as a gift (this buddy should have a GOG account registered with this mail, of course).

So, anybody interested should send me a PM. (May eventually be processed several times)

Arthmoor, do you want it ? I know you already have the game, but the GOG version comes along with a lot of bonus material (FLAC OST, game guide, maps, creators interviews, artbook, calendar, comics...) If so, please remind me your mail adress by PM...

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On 6/20/2018 at 9:58 AM, alt3rn1ty said:

Anyone liked Descent ?

Meet Descent 4 A.K.A Overload



Edit : Independant review ..




Overload has now had several updates since the above post, and I think they literally have nothing left to fix.

Its vicious at higher levels, but there are many levels for personal comfort zones / play styles, it still plays smooth as butter, and reviews seem to be overwhelmingly positive no matter where you get it from. I linked it to the GOG page in the above post, but you can also get it on steam if you prefer

Its not on sale at the moment, but its worth it whatever the price imho



Favourite review on GOG reads :

I am the CEO of Orbital Design Studios, and am the designer behind the canceled "Descent IV" project in 2002. This game is a thing I thought I'd never see, aside from prototypes in my company's archives. A very warm welcome back to Matt & Mike and all of the old crew of Parallax and Outrage Entertainment who have returned to create this long dreamed of and hoped for creation. Thank you for putting my regrets that D4 couldn't get made, to rest. Overload will stand for all time in its place. To everyone else... You're going down. Again. (ಠ_ಠ)


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Oh and forgot to mention, there is a quote from the Revival team reference Overload, which I think was posted on Discord


For some time, we’ve wanted to provide an update on Revival and Overload. Some of us got busy and we kept waiting for the Xbox version to be done (update: it was submitted on Monday for approval), but here’s the status.

We founded Revival and built a team to make Overload, not really planning to create a lasting company that would build more games. We wanted to have fun creating a spiritual successor to Descent, and we’re very happy with the results.

We would have liked to do more with Overload — more DLC drops (we will do another community DLC pack), new features, maybe a sequel. Those things look very unlikely now. We’re gratified by Overload’s strong user reviews and we love the community that has formed around the game. Nonetheless, sales have been disappointing and can’t justify much additional work on the project.

We’re still spending time on Overload, but most of us have moved on. Roughly half the full-time team members are now working at Volition. (Props to Chelsea and Ed who leveraged their Overload experience into Associate Producer positions!) Luke is back to working full-steam at Radian Games. (Check out Scorcher, coming later this month!) Matt is working on ideas for a new (game-related) project. Mike had planned on loafing for several months and then deciding what to do, but suddenly and unexpectedly found himself rejoining Volition as General Manager.

We are proud of Overload and have many fond memories. The Kickstarter, which was as all-consuming as many had warned, was very satisfying in the end. We both enjoyed being (slightly rusty) programmers for the first time in years, and it meant a lot to be part of such a talented team. We were gratified by the community of both newcomers and Descent fans still committed a game we created over 20 years ago. And it’s particularly meaningful to see team members who got a career boost out of their work on Overload.

Maybe we’ll do it again in another 20 years.

– Mike & Matt


So if anyone was waiting for further developments forget that, grab it, its fantastic, and as bug free as it will ever be (if there was any bugs left, I dont know of any, they did a superb job).

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