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  1. Works for me, as well! Just a note: only about five arrows can be retrieved back; if more are shot into the dummy, those obviously disappear (at least for me in Helgen).
  2. Hi! Great idea! Just curious – is there a reason that this mod was deleted from the Nexus? I mean, like not working correctly or something?
  3. Okay, another attempt. (Let me say, that installing VIS isn't less confusing. ) Valdacil's Item Sorting I go for the "by class" option but I guess it's the same for the "by slot" one. From the main mod, v. 9.0.3 – has to be installed first: ValdacilsItemSorting-ArmorByClass.esp – Name of the file that would sort armor by class for a non-DLC game. ValdacilsItemSorting-ZZ-DLCArmorByClassOverride.esp – Name of the file with DLC. The FOMOD tells that only one has to be used, and it should be loaded last. (Well, sort of – the same is said for the cosmetics and weapons ESPs.) I guess, this is why the current LOOT metadata contains the cited load order. Then there is an update in the files' section, v. 9.1. It requires the DLC. There are no specific installation instructions, no ReadMe, only the file packed for an MM setup. This file's name is – bad choice – ValdacilsItemSorting-ArmorByClass.esp. Which is the same name as for the above listed non-DLC version, but this time with DLC. As it has the same name, LOOT metadata is applied to it. But as it also is an update to the ValdacilsItemSorting-ZZ-DLCArmorByClassOverride.esp, it should be loaded after it, I suppose. I have to tell that I haven't done a detailed look into the file's contents, I haven't compared the 9.0.3 and the 9.1 versions of the ESP, and it might be that the older file isn't necessary. Disabling that ZZ-DLCArmorByClassOverride-plugin would indeed solve this conflict, but do I know if there are any entries that are still needed? Okay, seems this is redundant. Searched a bit through the mod's forum, and somewhere there's a hint that ValdacilsItemSorting-ZZ-DLCArmorByClassOverride.esp can be disabled when the update is installed. Edit: After disabling the redundant (and possibly conflicting ESP) LOOT warns with "You are sorting armor by class and also using DLCs. You may want to use "ValdacilsItemSorting-ZZ-DLCArmorByClassOverride.esp" to enable the class sorting on DLC armor as well.
  4. Hello. The LOOT metadata for ValdacilsItemSorting-ZZ-DLCArmorByClassOverride.esp from Valdacil's Item Sorting Fallout 4 mod seems out of date. Current: As the ZZ-DLCArmorBy…Override indeed has to be loaded after the default ValdacilsItemSorting-ArmorBy….esp, which would be the main non-DLC version, this seems correct at first. But Valdacil has uploaded an update, v9.1 opposed to 9.0.3, which actually is an update to this DLC version, but with the same name as the main one. So for the updated version, it should load after the other "armor" ESPs. I don't post this at the mod's forum, because there are already several comments about LOOT, most of which tell to simply not use it with Fallout 4.
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