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  1. There are reports of " runtime error r6025-pure-virtual-function-call" with Fallout 4 so if it can happen there I don't think SkyrimSE is safe from that runtime error either. That said I don't really take any chances with this one, I always do all 2 (3 if you count reaper) misc quests in Soul Cairn before I leave to lower my blood pressure. I have no idea how it happens in FO4 though so that one is abit harder to protect yourself against, thankfully it seems to be very rare there.
  2. I'm really interested in a pure single player sandbox RPG in a sci-fi world. The real question is if they would have you travel between worlds or if the whole thing is on 1 world. I would think travel would be involved somehow since that is usually a big thing about sci-fi games, spaceships!
  3. Wonder if they are going to release TES6 on the nextgen consoles and PC and skip older consoles to increase the sales of the newer consoles, maybe even bundle TES6 together with the new consoles at release. Would probably be alot of extra money in for them from Microsoft/Sony by doing something like that. Would of course also mean a loss in overall sales because people that refuse to upgrade from the older consoles won't be able to buy it, so unsure about this one, but new consoles basically need a BIG flagship to get sales otherwise people aren't going to bother upgrading until much later if
  4. Could be High Rock. It will be a few years off though since they are probably releasing Starfield first.
  5. Indeed the removal of the .skse co-saves is nice, Personally I got rid of that problem by using Named Quicksaves: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/16840 This mod allows me to setup rotating Quicksaves that cycle through a set number you choose, so after that number has passed the quicksaves overwrite each other (I have 5 quicksaves personally) and as a bonus the .skse co-save was overwritten aswell with that mod. Having just one quicksave is kind of putting all eggs in one basket, atleast for me since I use quicksave frequently but I'm pretty bad at putting up manu
  6. Just a note: it was actually aers that updated SSE Fixes with meh321's permission for the last patches when meh321 was busy, so he is involved in both mods. The " Tree LOD Alpha Update Caching/Global Form Lookup Caching " that exists on both mods may vary in performance depending on your machine so you might wanna try out both, SSE Engine Fixes does fix other stuff aswell so it recommended to run SSE Engine Fixes anyways if you wanna get rid of those other bugs. The memory patch in both mods is highly optional, personally I like it but YMMV.
  7. It is the memory manager that makes it possible to find the memory bugs afaik, I do have both the memory manager and the mutex fix on though personally. The default memory allocation seems to ignore memory errors and let the shader use them anyways, which will not work and could possibly lead to all kinds of problems later on. If you use the memory manager that uses jemalloc it just says "Nope!" and kills the application as soon as the shaders are reading incorrect/invalid data. Personally I much prefer the application to be killed as soon as there are problems because that means the prob
  8. Yeah some other people mentioned getting freezes aswell so the plugin is basically YMMV for each machine. Aers says so in the readme aswell. The game does crash or hard freeze for me randomly without the memory patch so I'm very willing to give it a try and so far it's working great except in these problem areas where the vanilla malloc are able to bypass memory errors for some reason, which is probably a bad thing on the whole. Edit: "Shader Particle Geometry forms with Particle Density > 12 (Weather effects in Blackreach, Sovngarde, one of Slow Time particle effects) are broken
  9. Here we go again. 100% reproducable crash with memory fixes on in Blackreach, the game crashes everytime on load when entering this area. Something very bad is going on here, memory errors again and it isn't pretty. Aers is working on it.
  10. I sent a bug report to Bethesda, wrote as good as I could, attached my crashdump and copypasted aers description of the issue and also linked to his fix at github, hopefully that is enough.
  11. aers wrote alot of info about the bug on github: Snow Sparkles "There are objects whose material shaders are treated as snow shaders even though they aren't flagged as such in the appropriate .nifs. Either the loader or some other part of the game doesn't properly account for this (not fully researched), so you end up with BSLightingShaderMaterial objects where the game expects there to be BSLightingShaderMaterialSnow objects. This causes the BSLightingShader::SetupMaterial case for snow objects to read out of bounds memory. Due to vanilla Skyrim's memory allocation patterns, this wo
  12. Busy sending aers a couple of SKSE64 minidumps now for SSE Engine Fixes, there is one location where you can get a very reproducable crash with the new memory settings enabled: Winterhold. Don't know what is in that area that the application doesn't like but whatever it is... it's bad. The area usually crashes within 20 seconds after you travel there, sometimes even on load. He tried coc to the area himself and got the same result. Edit: Just got an update from aers: " Holy s*** its a bug in the vanilla game renderer that BY COMPLETE CHANCE doesnt crash when you use the game's defaul
  13. Just a heads up, if you have disabled the "Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service" in services.msc it is enabled by default again after you update to build 1803. This service can cause crashes for some people in SSE, and unless you actually have a touchpad there is no reason for it to be enabled.
  14. You could ask aers if he wants a minidump from SKSE64 when it crashes?
  15. Been using SSE Engine Fixes for 5-6 hours now, no issues so far. I usually have the odd CTD/freeze every 5-10 hours of playing (probably due to my RAM being wonky not because of mods) but so far so good. I did disable the waterflow thing though after reading your reports @alt3rn1ty, no use having it on since I always play with timescale 20 anyways, unless I misunderstood what it actually did.
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