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  1. I feel this will lead to a confrontation which I do not want. It's also apparent that I'm in a lions den which contains a large pride, with the dominate male ready to attack the unwelcome. So I'll use a more diplomatic approach. You mention this person named Gabe like I'm supposed to know who that is. Cynical? Indeed I am, but that doesn't mean I am irrational with my thoughts. Gaming for 30 years, most of that spent buying games from companies known to give 0 fucks about their fanbase. And all the ones that were worth their salt, either split up from their parent company, or are simply no more. Either way they all follow the same patterns, and I'm sorry to say Zenimax/BGS is not infallible and not excluded from this. Indeed they have made modding easy for us, and that is what worries me more and more as each game comes out, as they make more and more changes to modding. CC: Bad idea, period. I'm not gonna offer an tiring monologue about this. I think it's great that is doesn't encroach on modding as a whole. For now.. Your last statement: Obviously neither of us can speak for the millions of players that are fans of the games. Anger, frustration, bewilderment, total let down, does indeed rob you the ability to explain your feelings in a way where it sounds justified, or rather in a way where the opposition can't fry them on a forum. What baffles me is the 180 turn you took. At one point you were very vocal against the company, especially during the paid mods steam "incident". I'm sure your own reasons for thinking differently is justified in your own right, but don't go on nailing people for feeling let down by the company.
  2. The folks over BGS, see modding as a massive cash grab, so it was inevitable for the CC thing to come into fruition anyway, even after the first failed attempt. It was basically just coming up with another way to introduce it. Knowing how businesses operate is key to understanding why they do the things they do. No doubt Todd and the rest of the employees hate this as much as the rest of us, but I'm betting it was either push it through, or find another job. As for updates, indeed they happen, but for TES is hard for some folks to adjust to because until CC came around, there were 0 updates after 1.9. In fact it used to be that they release a game, put out a few patches and then forget all about the games. This has all changed now. We're in it for the long haul.
  3. Rasikko

    [Relz] Vortex - Mod Manager

    I've still been using NMM because it's just simple. Call me also an old man sticking to his ways, but where NMM fails, Wrye Bash shines and I find myself using both, the latter which I've used since the days of Wrye himself. MO - never used it, I can't say anything about it. On to the topic at hand though, I'm not going to use this. It feels like they are trying to monopolize mod/load order management, by rolling tons of features from other MOs into one. A lot of folks on the nexus have severe tunnel vision. They will flock to Vortex and forget about choice. Devs maintaining other MOs would be wasting their time IMO.
  4. Rasikko

    Clarification on cell edits.

    Alrighty then.
  5. As I'm working on a mod where I need to add an activator to every dungeon in the game, I need to know if this is correct: So long as the objects owned by other mods do not share the same spot in a cell, there wont be any compatibility issues. My activators will be placed near every entrance in what I feel is the least likely place another mod's object could possibly be.
  6. Rasikko

    Windows 10

    Thank you for the information. The last one was 10gigs and zapped my main drive dry and I had to delete a lot of files to get it to around 35gigs. Since it's a laptop, I can't just swap the drive out and get a bigger SSD, and reinstalling windows is never an easy task..
  7. Rasikko

    Windows 10

    Those patches are really killing my drive space..
  8. Rasikko

    The Elder Scrolls VI

    2020 will give me enough time to save up for a desktop, as I doubt any laptop(which I'd prefer) in 2020 will be advanced enough.
  9. Rasikko

    Console Commands in Skyrim SE

    Old topic but.. TB, toggle cell borders, imo, one of the most useful console commands for working with cells, was disabled for SE. Works fine in Oldrim though.
  10. Rasikko

    Script vs conditions

    Conditions are a lot more efficient when it is small-medium things. When you have a ton of conditions though, it's no better than scripting, as it takes more time for the game to go though all the conditions. 30 conditions might be a bit too much. In general, if you can get away with conditions, prefer it over scripting.

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