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  1. Sorry I've got more directory stuff. For "The Ultimate Dodge Mod Attack Cancel", its supposed to install files into Data\Nemesis_Engine\mod\dmac\1hm_behavior\ Bash doesn't recognize that path of course, but when you choose "Has Extra Directories" it doesn't include the Nemesis_Engine subpath. Instead it puts the "1hm_behavior" folder at the top level of the Data directory.
  2. @Infernio While I'm thinking about it, I've run into a situation with some FOMOD enabled mods where Bash won't recognize them as a valid installer because they don't have a valid top-level directory (textures, meshes, etc). I've worked around it by copying one of those out of another part of the archive and putting it on the top level (while leaving it in its original place as well) but it seems like something that shouldn't be necessary.
  3. Ran into a few newer mods that required a new SkyUI addon called "MCM Helper", which uses a new Data directory subpath, /MCM/. Bssh doesn't recognize it unless "Has Extra Directories" is applied. Might be worth adding to Bash's defaults or whatever so people are less confused than I was about why a mod's MCM wasn't working.
  4. @Arthmoor I'm sorry to bother you again but Ulgrad isn't offering to sell me things. She's in the shop but I'm just getting "What now..." This is on a game started using LAL with the Horny Horker Inn starting position
  5. @Arthmoor Ok thats what I thought. I somehow got the idea that I was seeing too many guards but wanted to double check before I started down a rabbit hole
  6. Possibly strange question but how many guards are *supposed* to patrol the village at the same time?
  7. @Infernio Thank you! That window was hiding and I didn't see it till I expanded the window a bit. And I knew I wasn't imagining it, I was just looking in the wrong readme. Thank you again.
  8. Ok, two things. I can't seem to find where you can manually add bash tags to a mod in Wrye Bash. I seem to remember just being able to click on a list of checkboxes? Maybe my memory is failing me. And on that point, is there a bash tag that will preserve the BOD2 field from the DSHg mod while retaining the Keywords and changes from Clothing and Clutter Fixes? Again I could swear there was but now I can't seem to find it. Am I remembering something from Oblivion CBash? I'm sure I could patch this manually (its ultimately not that many records) but like...I'd rather just bash it if possible.
  9. @Infernio Huh interesting, those files were definitely downloaded from the Skyrim SE Nexus. Thanks for the topic I'll look into it.
  10. Hello! After a...long time away I got the hankering to mod some Skyrim again and it seems five years was just about the right amount of time for Skyrim SE modding to mature. Anyway, sure are some changes (ElminsterAU back on xEdit?!?!) but I've got it mostly sorted out. But what in the world does this mean? I'd never seen this error before I don't think. (something to do with that new ESL format?)
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