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  1. Okay, so besides a wrong order of objectives no other issues? Then I don't need that. I don't need stages for those quests mentioned. Still, this doesn't solve those crazy behavior mentioned in my first post... :/
  2. Interesting. Why do you say " -- Specify a start-up stage (Very important!) "? I have no issues with another quest containing dialog, scripts and aliases that works and has no stages whatsoever. Interesting to hear what issues may appear that I better easily fix now. My quest has no Objectives. So if that is the only issue that is mixed up, it's fine.
  3. The thing is not that the quest won't start. It's that the dialog is not appearing. And the quest is inside the SEQ. Of course I test with new game.
  4. I have a quest that is set to "start game enabled". This quests dialog is not appearing during normal gameplay. Only after I saved and load the save. The "say once" flag is not stored either. I tried creating a new quest, also with start game enabled flag, generating a SEQ and it didn't help. Then I set the quest to start by change loc event and the "bug" is gone. Dialog appears correct. In both cases (buggy and non buggy) aliases are filled, quest is marked as running in console, quest stages are set correctly etc.. Now I'd like to know why this is happening? What are possible solutions except making all new quests start by Story manager? Is the mod borked?
  5. Hi, I have the following bug: I have a quest set to start game enabled with a current SEQ. The dialog is not appearing right at the start, only after save and load of a savegame. Creating a new quest, moving the dialog into a new quest is not working either. Now I set the quest to start via change loc event and the dialog appears. What could be the cause that the dialog is not appearing properly?
  6. Hi, I just replaced in my mod a script which contained checks whether a scene is running (30 of those checks in one script) with a magic effect that is triggered if one of the scenes is running (like 30 ORs). Is that a good decision performance wise?
  7. Hi guys, can anyone please write a small script for me? It needs to create conditions based on a csv input. Thanks for your consideration.
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