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  1. UPDATE: So I wanted to test one final thing. I reloaded a save file where I haven't destroyed the Dark Brotherhood, and did all the quest up to Breaching Security. Completed the quest and received my token. So I wanted to test, if by any chance the Ancient Shrouded armour set was quest locked, I got my set through the Ritual Stone method. So I got my token, I went to whiterun in search for the fortune lady, got the quest, went back to Hag's End. Of course the body of the Assassin of Old wasn't there, so I console command spawned one, killed him and took his set. Thereafter I went back to a workbench and...... VOILA!! I am now able to upgrade/improve the set. Comment 1: for people wanting to roast me yeah yeah.. I should've gotten the set the manual way... But I just can't stand the dark brother and Astrid GRRRRRR Comment 2: Still, it is quite odd.. Because I went back to my original Skyrim LE save file (where I had destroyed the Dark Brotherhood) grabbed a Ancient Shrouded armour set via the console commands and oddly enough I was completely able to upgrade/improve the set without having it unlocked. Yes, I know that LE and SE are different. But I also remember reading somewhere that Bethesda didn't bother correcting any mistakes, bugs or glitches that was in LE to SE. Comment 3: some people do in fact experience a phenomenon of not being able to upgrade/improve the set after having a skill legendaried, but whether or not they got the set from the method I did, I do not know. Finally: Sorry and thanks for those who read and tried to help me solve a... not really a problem in first place.. was it? Note: I still find my "Comment 3" odd. Which leads me to another question: "why wasn't the Thief's Guild armor affected?". So either I did something other than doing the Dark Brotherhood quests which let me upgrade/improve, or some Armour sets are just specifically upgrade/improve locked, until the player have unlocked them manually themselves
  2. No, just any skill. My reason for this is, I read in some other posts, that some people having legendaried their smithing skill no longer could improve the ancient shrouded armour. In my case, I had the conjuring skill legendaried.
  3. After getting a skill to 100, you get the option to make it legendary(reset it) it'll return all of the skill points spent and reset the skill to 15. do to this. go to your skill that is level 100. thereafter hit "spacebar" Comment: Hmmmm interesting... Maybe I'll grind out another char just to see if it's just my game. Because I made a brand new, fresh out of Helgen, character as well without any mods installed. Though I did use console commands for the items and perk hoping it won't affect anything major.
  4. I wish you luck on your journey. and thanks for testing. I wouldn't have any other means of testing differently myself.
  5. Tell me. How would I test this? I don't see you anything in particular. Getting the shrouded armour and 60 smithibg itself takes a whole gameplay. And do note, I only used commands to see if my theory is true or not. The picture I posted is almost completely vanilla except SkyUI Console commands might affect things, but isn't it strange how both the Thief's armour piece and Ancient shrouded piece were both fetched using commands, but the ancient shrouded armour piece is the only one refusing to be upgraded?
  6. both the perk and items were acquired through console commands. I doubt that affects anything
  7. UPDATE 3: Once I again I did some testing, this time around I completely removed any mods installed and started new character (fresh from Helgen) to see if the bug still occurs. And sadly, it still. As in the picture, I have both the required item and the perk needed to upgrade/improve the armour, but it still wouldn't allow me. I also fetched a a Thief's guild armour(which is an enchanted piece of equipment) as a control item(to show that I indeed does have the Arcane Blacksmith perk). Note: I did the testing in Skyrim Special Edition ver. 1.5.23
  8. UPDATE 2: The bug seems to only appear in Skyrim Special Edition. I've tested this by trying to upgrade/improve the set in Skyrim LE with and without making a skill legendary. The result being, that I was able to upgrade/improve the armour set with AND without making a skill Legendary. I even made the smithing skill legendary just to see if anything would change.
  9. UPDATE 1: with all mods disabled, the bug still occurs. Futhermore I've tried getting 100 in the smithing skill and getting all of the smithing perks, which resulted in the same. side note: I've semi-tested this in Skyrim LE, with the bug not being present, meaning I was able to upgrade/improve the Ancient Shrouded armour at a workbench, HOWEVER I didn't have any legendary skills in LE
  10. While playing through Special Edition I've come across a bug, and it seems that others are experiencing it as well.The Ancient Shrouded Armour set, can't be upgraded at a workbench EVEN WITH if you own the Arcane Blacksmith perk and required items. It states "you lack the perk to improve magical items"Cause: It seems that there's some issues trying to upgrade/improve the Armour set, when one has made a skill "Legendary" whether or not it was the Smithing skill or any other skill that was made legendary.Note: Improving other enchanted items still works. e.g. Improving Thief's Guild Armour at a workbench is possible. just not the Ancient Shrouded Armour. As seen in the picture, the thief's guild armour confirms the acquisition of the Arcane Blacksmith perk. P.S. I posted this on the nexus forums as well, and I can't seem to be to use the link provided on USSEP nexus page. So do tell me what to do if this is posted in the wrong place.

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