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  1. I fully realize this isn't supported. Just posting to see either if anyone else has encountered this or can provide insight. Generally speaking I've found the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch works pretty well with Fallout 4 VR. I loaded in all of the official DLCs and the UF4P like I would for the standard game. Had a few glitches here and there but for the most part I've been able to fix those with a little research and plugin editing and / or asset overrides, except for this one that has me baffled. I was on the quest to clear the ghouls from the Mass Pike Tunnel. A legendary ghoul dropped a Lucky Synth Left Arm. When I picked it up the game CTDs immediately. I assumed it must be a mod so I started disabling everything to find the source. Eventually I definitively identified UF4P as responsible. First I assumed it had to be either an incompatible asset or script. But eliminating all of the UF4P assets had no effect on the crash. The plugin contains an override for each piece of the Synth armor that adds and corrects a few keywords and changes some property values. Nothing that should cause a crash. I tried a few things to correct it. First I created a basic override plugin of my own that reverted the changes to see if that helped. No joy. Then just to confirm that those specific overrides were responsible I removed them from the UF4P entirely and discovered that cleared up the crash instantly. Some additional testing revealed that it isn't any of the changes that the UF4P did to those armor pieces that caused the crash, but the presence of the override records themselves. I was able to replicate this in a separate new plugin. I copied the Synth armor piece records as overrides into a new plugin from the originals in fallout4.esm. Confirmed even that causes the same crash, with no changes to the records at all. There seems to be something different about the way that Fallout 4 VR reads some records. Maybe a record version or something that FO4Edit doesn't do right for the VR version of the game. Has anyone else tried this and found similar results? I'm at a loss. I was able to proceed in my game by removing those specific armor piece record overrides from the UF4P but I'm a bit bummed I had to do that. I rather liked those fixes. Now that I'm thinking about it I wish I'd kept a copy of the save in front of that ghoul for further testing.

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