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  1. Just recently started playing this... After finally reading it isn't so bad now compared to launch. I got the Gold Edition($30) on steam with the Morrowind Chapter($20) and Clockwork City for $15 plus the 500 bonus crowns you get with an account. ... so all in all I have roughly paid a full 60 ish for the game. At this point I am not sure if I will spend anymore, but just have been enjoying the content/lore so far... so we'll see... Anywho I keep getting requests for all kinds of join this or that guild. Most of which are im assuming MMO player types and probably are TES virgins. I would prefer at least playing with modders or TES enthusiasts who have some sort of brains about the stuff. My handle is @Metallicow so ping me in game to join the afkmods guild or who should I contact that is still current? Edit: I am on the PC NA server. mooo
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