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  1. Not sure if this is technically a "bug" but it certainly seems like a developer oversight: When I change the controls to the game via the options menu action mapping section, the game does not change the control prompts in the menus. i.e if I change "favourite" to SHIFT in the action mapping it will still list it as Q in the menu prompt. It doesn't really matter once you have the controls committed to memory but before that it is confusing. It does change the prompts correctly when I am looking at something, I have action as F and it still says "press f to open door" etc.
  2. The blacksmithing animations are bugged. On occasion they will use the forge but either the hammer, the piece of metal or both as is in this case will be missing. This bug also occurs on the workbench, but I don't have a screenshot. This is with the patch installed.

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