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  1. @zliav Hah i did find that article . I just couldnt work out how it applied to trees, and why only some but not others. Aside from doing cleaning some dirty edits and deleting a few conflicts in mods ive not touched xedit or anything similar so if it isnt a direct description i find it hard to translate to other objects at the mo. Thats part of the fun though, i have too much time on my hands so between that and trying to find out how to fix draw distances and tree pop-in in fo4 my days are mostly occupied lol :).
  2. @zilav Thanks mate looked high and low but not sure how i missed that page, answers a lot of questions. Bout the only thing i cant find now is a glossary or something ( i know theres one on the ck wiki but cant find any flag definitions) that explains what a bunch of the options actually mean and what effect they have on cells or static objects etc. Like flags. "Is non occluder" for a tree. All i can imagine is its a non blocker or something loll. Lookd through dozens of forums, manuals, ck wiki, 10,000 google search combinations but no cigar. Honestly have really enjoyed doing this so me being me will no doubt get stuck right into it over the next while as ive enjoy getting stuck into things like this, plus it'll fit in well with my study this year. It'd just be nice while im learning to browse through things, see an option and read about what it does rather than search for hours or come ask every time i dont know something or willy nilly trial and errors. I guess its obvious to people who develop games/mod often, but my modding experience stopped in the 90s with car games, and these days i use revit/sketchup and cad programs so a lot of these options mean nothing to me and put me firmly in the noob who asks obvious questions category lol.
  3. Well made some progress and its far better than before, but i wouldnt be an obsessive person if i didnt want to get it as right as possible. Few things ive found out in the last few days, aside from enjoying getting stuck into it all. 1) the more i read the more i become aware i didnt actually know what i was doing which is why it wasnt turning out as good as it should... 2) Theres SFA documentation/guides for any FO4LOD gen. I take it DynDOLOD isnt available despite there being a lodgenx64 file now? Ive searched that many pages but cant quite find clear answers on a few things. I generated my LOD renaming xedit to fo4lodgen and outputting the loose files to another drive. Can i keep these as loose files and simply overwrite the existing ones since loose files have priority over ba2? If i do need to remove existing LOD's, i figure for now the most straight forward way would be to delete anything related to the autmn overhaul as its the trees that are causing the issues. Is there a quick way to locate them all in xedit or do i need to extract the files and remove them manually? Second last question lol. Before i generated my LOD's earlier, i went through the worldspace files as suggested and most but not all were listed as visible when distant. Learning how to do that stumbled onto a post saying to set them to all persistant and full lod as it would be a better way to create LOD's then change them back to VWD once thats done. Ive read so many conflicting things i have no idea if its right. Finally... with the static files which are just trees, so take it are their textures, what record flag do they need to be set on to get the best result. Some are non occular & has distant LOD, some are one or the other, and some have none. Are they meant to be set to any of those, i recall reading about setting them to Has tree LOD & Uses HD textures. Sorry for the wall of text, im on holidays so spent way too many hours over the last couple days playing around with it but is a little disappointing theres not more fo4 info, or i dont like skyrim more :). Anyway thanks in advance Vex EDIT - Just realised theres a FO4 specific forum lol, my bad. Prob best to move my questions over to there since they are only bout fo4, really appreciate the help though. Got a few before and after pics, pretty happy so far, made a bunch of mistakes and missed a few things though so im in process of re-doing it again. Lighting is different in some but you'll get the idea. They're still done with ugridstoload=5 too which im happy to not have changed. Vault 111 Original LOD Vault 111 so far Sanctuary original LOD Sanctuary updated Above Red Rocket RR with semi fixed LOD Got a couple nice scenic shots with NAC & Film Workshop ENB installed and removed his lighting the mod came with. Only other mods i have atm the HD DLC. Credit to the guy who made the autumn overhaul mod really, not lore friendly but IMO the best looking "green" mod once a few things are fixed. Sanctuary Looking the other way Heading towards Red Rocket Down towards Concord Cheers, Vex
  4. Ok great i'll have a read up on how to do that after some rest. Cheers
  5. Thanks for that, actually made some progress for once, really appreciate it. LOD blend distance seems as you'd expect now without having to go to ugridstoload 7 so happy days. Problem would be solved entirely if i could work out how to get the mod's stock LOD's so they look like the actual autumn leaved trees rather than green and white blobby cardboard cutouts. Ive tried a bunch of settings myself in fo4lodgen, but they're all just pot shots that end up looking the same or even blockier, or missing the majority of leaves making the fade in even more noticable. Not looking for perfection, just would be nice to have something that doesnt constantly draw your attention every few hundred meters when the trees go from fat green 2d objects to lush leafy autumn trees. I captured a couple of screens to help describe it better as its nearing 4am here and ive been messing around with it all night so my head well into the ye of little function stage. These are pics are on a clean fo4install just with all dlc and the autumn overhaul mod only , incl the LODs it comes with obviously. I figure at this point pics would do far better at explaining how it looks than i can at the moment, and apologies if ive linked them wrong its bout all i can manage at the moment. 1) Tree LOD's after bridge are flat green cardboard blobs - as they are all through the commonwealth 2) This is how the trees are meant to look after the bridge, as well as the majority of trees in the mod, but cardboard green/white LOD's are still visible down the river and past red rocket. Toggled TFC to get an areal view of the LOD's. At this point id just like something that looks somewhat similar to the actual trees and i'll be a happy camper. Apologies if these are totally obvious solutions, and thanks in advance if anyones able to point me in the right direction. Vex EDIT - Bottom part of my load order was like this when trying to generate the LODs DLCUltraHighResolution.esm FO4LODGen-FullModelLOD.esp FO4LODGen-HighTrees.esp FO4LODGen.esp Autumn Overhaul.esp I had them generate to an output path on another drive, then moved the mesh/texture folders over to the fo4 data folder and disabled all of the fo4lodgen plugins before loading. I couldnt find much specific for fo4 so i assume thats the correct way to do it.
  6. Hi Guys Been trying to generate my own LOD using fo4lodgen and the autumn overhaul mod on a fresh install. Have no experience with tes5 but comfortable modding with fallout, last install i had was running a few hundred mods no issues, and are somewhat comfortable using n xedit for basic functions like clearing conflicts and cleaning dirty edits, but when it comes to generating LOD's i cant get something look reasonable no matter what i try. The stock LOD's that come with the autumn overhaul addon arent the best and have really obvious pop-in which is a pet hate of mine, tried ini tweaks to push back tree gen as far as possible as im running a 1080 so have some room to move, but aside from ugridstoload=9 (which runs fine but reluctant to leave it like that) nothing seems to be able to mask the difference in the actual trees vs LODs that were generated with the mod. Any of my own attempts in fo4lodgen using the few instructions ive found usually end up with a some trees looking great, but a bunch that are just twigs until you get close or cardboard blocks, which are usually worse than the originals overall. Fiddled with alphas and other settings but its becoming obvious the biggest issue is user noobery. Searched for ages but havent been able to find a guide to walk through the first time or problem solve issues for fo4lodgen. Is anyone able to point me some sort of guide related to fo4lodgen to help me problem solve whatever im doing wrong, or i give me a hand to generate something thats half reasonable? Easiest option is to just drop the mod but this playthrough i wanted something different so id rather try work out something with this if possible. Happy to paste screenshots, logs, load lists, whatever if that helps, just not sure what would be helpful for/if anyones willing to give me a hand. Any help would be appreciated. Vex
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