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  1. Is it possible to view the mesh data contained in the bhkPhysicsSystem node? Or better yet, merge multiple bhkPhysicsSystem nodes into one? Reason for asking, is that I'm creating static objects out of the mannequins, and need to create new collision for them. If merging them is impossible, I'll have to make the collision mesh myself, and I'd like to see what the original collision looks like.
  2. Aah, so we use .NativeValues[] in lieu of SetEditValue(). I thought that NativeValues[] was just to do with flag arrays.
  3. Zilav was kind enough to put together a script that almost does the whole procedure: https://pastebin.com/raw/2bGcMaWs But there's one thing I forgot to mention, and that was the Threshold value of a NiAlphaProperty element also needs to be set to 70. And the documentation here only has a couple .nif functions detailed. How do I change the Threshold property? SetElementEditValues() and SetEditValue() don't work, so there must be some hidden functions that accomplish the same for .nif files, right?

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