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  1. Hello, I've got a question regarding certain skills in the Creation Kit and whether these could be given to a companion NPC I'm working on both from a modded (i.e. Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim) and even more importantly "vanilla" game perspective. The skills I'm not certain whether to give to this NPC are: DestructionNovice00, DestructionApprentice25, DestructionAdept50 ConjurationNovice00, ConjurationApprentice25, ConjurationAdept50 RestorationNovice00, RestorationApprentice25 AlterationNovice00 Considering in the vanilla game spells for NPCs to cast cost half of the magicka, as for the player as far as I know anyway, I wonder whether giving the companion these skills was unbalanced/overpowered/got things out of hand. Then again, "Wildcat" for example, changes that so NPCs have the player's magicka and stamina costs for all actions. So I wonder: What is most in line with a vanilla (or still works well with) and modded game for balance in your opinion? Would you give any NPCs these cost-reducing perks or do you consinder them rather intended for the player? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. Thank you, that fixed the issue perfectly.
  3. Hmm ... Having regenerated FaceGenData on the appearance build, where I've built her appearance, I'm getting strage shadows / lightning / transparency on her hair now. Maybe it was there before and I just haven't noticed. I don't really think so, but could you maybe see for yourself in-game? Maybe that's the reason why the author doubled the "hair" model file? Do you know a fix perhaps?
  4. Yeah, that's what I suspected. Thank you, again.
  5. Hello, lately I've been having a bit more time to invest in Skyrim modding for myself. While at it, I also tried to check my work for minor errors, and noticed a hairstyle for an NPC I borrowed from a mod no langer available called "SG Hair Pack 350" was set up kind of ... weird? Not only was it, as someone pointed out to me in an earlier thread, that two of three tri files that were supposed to go each with a model file of the complete hairstyle were entirely empty. But as it seems, one of three model files reffered to as "hairline" is exactly the same as the main "hair" model, as far as I can tell? I previously removed both the two empty tri files and the supposedly "secound hairline" model file due to ugly clipping in the lower neck area of the head, leaving only the model files of "hair" and "hairline" for the implementation of the hairstyle. I'm not too well-versed in NifSkope that I'd dare throw overboard the "hairline" model file without a secound examiner's judgement, though. So if anyone would be willing to quickly take a look at my two model files, I'd greatly appreciate that. As I said, they appear identical to me. Thanks in advance for any answer to this. Hair.7z
  6. Thank you very much, I was very much hoping I would literally not have any unclean leftovers with deleting the records via xEdit. As for saved games, I'm still play-testing so I'm glad I won't have to worry about that either.
  7. Please excuse me, but I wonder if I delete two HeadPart records in my WIP mod via xEdit, is it literally like I've never had created them in the Creation Kit in the first place? Or are they "disabled" only, and in reality there will always be some kind of leftover of these records in my mod? If the later is true, I'd like to rebuild my little mod entirely and do backups of WIP versions even more regularly this time around. Thanks in advance for any answer to this.
  8. Great, got that working. Sorry to ask once more about the file, but this based on the USLEEP / USSEP fixed meshes for the glass armour already, not simply vanilla ones, right? Since in the changelog there are multiple edits listed to the meshes for both genders, i.e. Bug #12541 for holes in the male cuirass, and other mesh property flags stuff. It would be cool to have all those fixes "included" in the meshes you provided me with.
  9. Just got it. You're awesome, thank you soo much. He himself smiles upon you! I assume making copys of the glass cuirass ArmorAddon and glass Armor record without doing any further tweaks is just fine.
  10. It looks like this for me when I click on the download. I've been using Google Chrome, but I checked it doesn't work with Internet Explorer either.
  11. Looking great, though I cannot download it I'm afraid. It's giving me an error that the attachment is not available.
  12. I never meant to come across grim or offensive I should say, I really wondered why not looking into fix it, though. But Imstearn's explaination makes me indeed realize the tremendous consequences, and I see that trying to fix one issue only to have new ones arise from that is probably time and effort wasted. Thank you for the kind offer, I would very much like to take it, since I'd really love to use specifically this equipment for the character! A fix for both male and female would be great. Please send me a PM.
  13. I've been thinking. Could the combination be fixed maybe if I created a new piece of Armor in CK utilizing both the glass armour and steel plate gaunlets ArmorAddons, essentially combining the two to one piece? Somehow?
  14. Glad I could help and find something that in fact is a bug. One more question from my side, whilst maybe not related to this specific bug: Is this fix incorporated into USLEEP / USSEP already? Just something I stumbled across a few minutes ago.
  15. Hello there! Please excuse me for posting my issue like this, but it seems I'm unable to submit it on the bug tracker page. While doing some high-toned investigations anyways, my tank Altmer character accidentally discovered that cabbage apparently can't help but bleed and sound like wounded flesh at his sharp elven battleaxe's stroke. He determined that the same phenomenon applies to the lesser strength of other weapons or even his fists as well. I'm playing on PC and got the latest version of USLEEP / USSEP installed, properly reinstalled in order to make sure all its fixes would overwrite everything, too. I also went through the patch's changelog and tried to find the issue listed there, but it wasn't. So I went ahead to report this mysterious fact here. Take a look. Sorry in advance if this bug is indeed fixed already and the issue is on my end. I came here with only the best intentions.

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