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  1. We have a new nightly with updated fomod and esl support. The nightly. I'd appreciate it if the people who were having issues with previous nightlies could check with this one. This is only a temporary link to the nightly, we're working on providing a more stable, permalink to the latest nightly. Thanks!
  2. Could you check if this build fixes both issues?
  3. It's not because of size, that is an actual bug, working on that now. Did extraction take a long time or was it after? That was me! Sorry about that, I chose to test the automated uploads on FO3 and FNV since I guessed those had the least amount of people paying attention, therefore bothering the minimum amount of people possible.
  4. Of course, I'm more than happy to spare someone else the nightmare that is working with fomod (although I hope I made it slightly better). And as I've told Beermotor, I'd rather not get involved with ui (I'm pretty terrible at it), so no toe stepping I'm quite busy until mid-february, so replies might take a while, but aside from that I'll help out!
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