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  1. My opinion is that Skyrim.esm, Update.esm and all official DLC must be included as required masters. I choose to also add USSEP as required master, but I know there are people who feel otherwise.
  2. You can add masters with SSEEdit. Quick Auto Clean will do the right thing and will not remove the masters you add. Don't check mark "Clean Masters", it is unfortunate naming, it does not "clean" it just removes the unused masters which will undo the add masters you just did.
  3. There has been discussion about this on xEdit discord channel and it is the developer's opinion that all mods should include all the Bethesda DLC, as they are required for and a part of Skyrim SE. It does not hurt to include them all as masters as everybody will have them installed.
  4. Update will show as a required master if your .esp overrides a record from Update.esm. There really is no need to clean masters in this case. It is good practice to include all DLC as masters for SSE if you distribute it to other users, and USSEP in my opinion.
  5. Place the shortcuts for what you want in Mopy/Apps and they will appear in the toolbar. You can sort them by dragging back or forth in the toolbar. Example - E:\steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Mopy\Apps
  6. SKSE for SSE was updated again yesterday (10 Dec 2018), version is now 2.0.12 - fix backcompat on task interface
  7. There is a fix for that weapon in USSEP, however it adds a script so it will not be available for PS4.
  8. I assume you are trying to open the puzzle door. Run sideways or backward while swinging for a horizontal power attack.
  9. To finish up (I think) The Stonehills blacksmith's investor perk works. The Telengard script (.psc) maybe has the Global misnamed, ARTHTJPerkInvestorBrilrondBlacksmith or the .esp is misnamed ARTHTGPerkInvestorBrilrondBlacksmith (GLOB or VMAD??)
  10. Yes, a simple patch of the Global solved Heljarchen. A similar patch for Helarchen Creek did not work. If I had to guess at a solution, it appears that the necessary scripts files are missing from your BSA.
  11. The Telengard blacksmith fails to accept the investor perk in the same way as described for the Heljarchen Apothecary. The Kynesgrove blacksmith works correctly. As I mentioned earlier the Keld-Nar blacksmith has no dialog except hello though he appears to be set up as a vendor with the investor perk in xEdit. Since the Telengard blacksmith's visual appearance is about the same as Skaal Village perhaps the Telengard blacksmith should not have the investor perk available.
  12. Looks like the same error at Heljarchen Creek. Except both vendors fail to accept the investor perk in the same way as described for Heljarchen Apothecary. Rorikstead blacksmith works correctly however xEdit shows a mismatch on the variables. I think Johnrose81's Granite Hill vendors fail because he did not add the necessary investor perk item to the vendors' containers.
  13. Thank you. I will say that the issues in mods other than CRF are "similar", not identical so I will need to research them more before I could ask anymore questions.
  14. I am currently trying to figure out why my mod list install order and/or load order is breaking the investment perk on some of your vendors in CRF and your villages mods. It might help me to know why you chose to use the Global “PerkInvestorMarkarthApothecary 000AE690” from Skyrim.esm instead of the Global “CRFPerkInvestorHeljarchenApothecary xx02FA24” that you set in CRF? (for Leveled Item xx030500) At Heljarchen I can invest with the Blacksmith but not with the Apothecary. The investment dialog is offered, when I click on that option the dialog moves forward as though the transaction occurs but no money changes hands, also the dialog to invest is offered as a dialog option subsequently. I’ve seen this on all my builds (several) in SE and LE with WB, MO or MO2 as managers (currently SE on WB). I researched sometime ago when I was less knowledgeable about modding thinking it was a dialog issue and came to the conclusion that fixing it was beyond my skills (which is probably still true). I came back to the issue recently as I appear to be having similar issues in some of your villages mods which I’ve only been including in my mod list recently (~2 years). Testing without any other mods will probably be necessary, which will be tedious as your character needs to be fairly well along in the game to test properly. When it was just Heljarchen it could be easily ignored. This most recent build includes the Granite Hill mod by Johnrose81 and it appears to have similar issues, which means I am doing something wrong somewhere. I use Loot but then I hand re-sort a little to reduce the amount of patching I need to do in xEdit. I use a bash patch. I use USSEP. Any other guidance you might have to offer would be greatly appreciated! A side question if I may, I added Keld-Nar "late" on this most recent play through and wondered if that might be the cause of the NPC's there having very little or no dialog, so far mostly just hellos and the innkeeper’s for sale dialog option?

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