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  1. Ah, many thanks for the clarification and the suggestions!
  2. Well, I've used MCA, but I was hoping something along MMM for Oblivion. Something that doesn't add more spawn points, but adds more actors spawned from the same spawn point.
  3. After playing Skyrim for some time I wanted to populate the spawn points with some more "fluff", just so to make the world a bit more alive. Since Oblivion spoiled me with the MMM mod that pitched monster/human faction fighting among themselves in droves (a pack of goblins fighting a pack of ogres while being attacked by bears and hunters arrow-volleying them all in a forest), Skyrim feels empty by comparison. And so I embarked on the quest to find the best increased spawns mod for the occasion. My search yielded a few results: The Populated Skyrim series Increased Enemy Spawns SSE no-scripts Genesis - Dynamically Increased enemy spawns and loot From what I gather, the Populated series and Genesis are script-heavy which lead to some odd behaviour from what users' posts claim. Also Genesis touches loot leveled lists and other things that aren't inherently necessary. Increased Enemy Spawns SSE no-scripts just adds a multiplier to what is spawned without touching anything, without touching the animal/beast spawn behaviour. Since I don't use Script Extender, I don't have any mods that depend on it. Mods that touch AI/spawn behaviour I have are: Diverse Skyrim that randomizes the race of spawns, Immersive armor/weapons that randomizes leveled lists of spawns' loot/gear and Dawn of Skyrim that changes the walled cities interiors and NPCs, And so I ask, which of these mods are best suited to my modlist and is more compatible with the mods I have? Do any of you use mods that make Skyrim a bit more alive? Any suggestions are welcome!
  4. Thanks for the advice! To my little knowledge, the only mod i have that I know of that is dependent on the unmodded health values is the Creation Club Survival mod, which touches health values dependent on climate effects on you (mildly cold, severely cold, frozen, frostbitten) and lowers the total health accordingly on top of blocking up the total percentage of health. On top of that, it has the no health regen I want to have in my non-Survival playthrough. Thing is, I don't want to play the survival mod because it is unrealistically overbearing on the magicka/stamina/health. 2 minutes of not eating and you start losing magicka fast, 5 minutes of not sleeping and you start losing stamina, being overburdened takes away all your stamina, carrying capacity is dropped down for all races, etc. They didn't design the survival mod as intelligently as Fallout:New Vegas and, for me at least, isn't enjoyable to play. I'll try your suggestions and see what I can make of.
  5. I've played Skyrim LE and I was kinda annoyed by the Call-of-Duty health regen outside combat which made all consumables/food and low-restoration magic being useless. Now that I'm on Skyrim SE, I want to make my playthrough exactly like my Oblivion and Morrowind one: with no health regen. I DON'T mind if both the in-combat (which is negligible) and the outside-of-combat passive health regen will be disabled, I just don't want to passively heal at all, so much so that it becomes a nuisance and that includes waiting or fast traveling. I DO mind though that the health regen due to sleep, or other gameplay sources remain intact (such as the argonian power). I found that instead of modding with a no health regen mod, a command can be used to do the above, but I don't know what command affects the health regen to meet the above restrictions. Of the three: modav healratemult -100 setav healratemult -100 forceav healratemult -100 which is the best suited for what I intend to do? TIA
  6. Not so unexpected considering the backlash Sony faces in the current events of the Naughty Dog debacle. Probably they are doing it to soften some spirits, not that anything they would do will change the perception people have for Sony/Naughty Dog direction heads into. But aside from that, me being console-naive since I never owned any console ever, doesnt playstation require monthly payment to have playstation plus to receive such sales and gifts?
  7. Tbh, I always come here to download anything Arthmoor-related or UP-related instead of going to other hosting sites. Getting the stuff directly from the source isn't something strange even if Nexus exists. The same goes for any mod related file on other sites (Darkmatters, Assimilation Lab, PiratesAhoy, etc).
  8. What kinds of mods do you people use? I used to use the cleanUI, less fuel consumption for takeoff and the dismantle technologies to move them around. But since Synthesis all of those mods became obsolete through in-game options or gameplay changes. I looked at the biome variety mod since people noticed that the fauna/sky/grass variety was toned down since Next update, but it isn't that noticeable. Any mods you recommend? Also, removing the basebuilding restrictions in the .ini does anything in the game? I haven't build a big base yet, but I'm confident it wouldn't mess up my game.
  9. Max frame rate is a nice addition, albeit a loooooooooong awaited one. Some games (especially gamebryo games but also other older games like No one lives forever, HoMM5 and SIms 3) need to have the max frame rate set on a number. I remember Sims 3 refusing to accept the Vsync ON and having some fps numbers to the 600s or more. The game would render everything and anything at excessively high frame rates actually melting your GPU however advanced it was. Only way to cap the max frame rate was with Nvidia Inspector or Nvidia Profile Editor. It's nice that the feature is made standard with this driver update.
  10. In the nexus site for UOP there is a file named QTP3 UOP350 Compatibility Patch. Since I always download my mods from afkmods and not nexus, is that compatibility patch still needed for the latest version of the mod? I use the QTP3 Redimized and I always install it after installing UOP first. Would that mess up my meshes/textures if QTP3R overwrites the UOP meshes/textures fixes? Is that patch needed after all? TIA
  11. Thanks for the guide. I self-imported the mod to the creation kit did the form 44 conversion and it worked straight away.
  12. I seem to have everything I need regarding mods to transition from Oldrim to SSE except one mod. I know this is a crap addition but Fall of the Space Core Vol.1 is something I've come to love. Now I'm new to SE Creation kit but I don't think it's anything more than a few steps to make a bsa/esp combo mod to work in SSE. So I have the portal2mod.bsa and portal2mod.esp files. What steps do I need to do in Creation Kit (or any other tool) to port the mod to SSE? Thanks in advance, it would really cheer me up having this to the new edition!
  13. Ah, thanks. That is a relief indeed. I suppose I can leave the FONV DLCs dirty or should I clean them too?
  14. I was reinstalling Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas recently along with mods and when it came to order the mods, I fired up LOOT to do the job. LOOT suggested to clean some mods, but to my absent-mindedness, not only I cleaned the mods, I cleaned the DLCs too. I did that only for Fallout 3 before I realized my horrible mistake. Here is the Fallout New Vegas LOOT: And here is the Fallout 3 one: . Seeing that I'm using mods that utilize the DLCs' esms, would I have a problem with the DLC? I read somewhere that mods that are based on DLCs demand the uncleaned DLC esm to work properly. Do I need to reinstall Fallout 3 again or am I in the clear?
  15. Not a problem, just a choice to not use it. Limiting sure, but still a choice.
  16. Thanks guys for the guided steps. I decided to not download any village after the reading and understanding, i went for other grouped villages for Oblivion who had no prerequisites. Thanks anyway.
  17. Can someone tell me which village needs OBSE and which doesn't? I'm planning to install the ones that don't need OBSE or that silent voice thingy. Thanks in advance.
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