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  1. just to confirm I have cleared this out around 5 times before the latest update, updated to the latest in bethesda mods menu and 9 times after, Ivey has re spawned every time
  2. Thanks for the reply and logging the issue. I'll just avoid the place until a fix is in place as I've had a duplicate one of a kind weapon cause issues before which is what prompted me to ask. Thanks again!!
  3. Hi I like to do runs of the rust devils base every reset to farm good scrap etc. I don't know if it is a coincidence but after updating to the latest unofficial patch, via the bethesda mod menu option, both Ivey and Ahab are now respawned on the latest run I did. I think I am in double figures for clearing out this dungeon and usually Ahab isn't there and Ivey is dead in her usual area. They both have fresh copies of the legendary items they originally carried so I now have 2 ahabs helms and a set of tesla armor/tesla cannon. I wanted to check if anyone else has had this and if I carry on as normal will the game be ok with 2 sets of these existing? I'm thinking more towards making my save unstable etc. Thanks
  4. Hi I've got the latest version via the mods area of fallout 4 installed. I recently hired the scribe near cambridge labs and successfully assigned to my armour level 3 store in sanctuary. While travelling past the med tek research building I noticed the random spawn trigger at the end of the street and the scribe went walking past the end of the road ahead and by the time I had caught up he had gone. Now when I return to my town the scribe has gone. Not sure how to report issue but thought I would try posting here first. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply. I just noticed 2.0.2 on the version history page and thought I'd missed something
  6. Just quick question Bethesda.net still shows 2.0.1a. When will this be updated? As I see 2.0.2 is now available

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