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  1. Thanks for the advice Ravenmind. Sorry I posted in the wrong place. Apologies to Arthmoor.
  2. Thanks Ravenmind. I read your reply on Nexus. Sorry I haven't been here for a while. Life got busy again. I decided it was time to return to study. Nothing arduous. Just Studying Medical Terminology. I digress. I'm thinking along the same lines. I'll have a look at this tomorrow. Another question; can you make esp patches in TES4Edit, please?
  3. Here's why I placed these images here. I think I know what the problem is. It is two fold; one is to do with workspaces and where items are placed. The other is Windows 10. If you are not running Windows 10, Windows 10 does things differently to earlier operating systems. From what I have seen. To the best of my knowledge, once you place something in the Construction set, either imported or made within the Construction Set, you are well advised not to move it if two mods share the same worldspace. You need to amend the worldspace. This is what I am trying to do. Please look at the pictures. You will see that Jedi light sabers with sound appears on the top of the screen along with some other dependent mods. What I need to do now, is get Open Cities Classic (Outer Regions) to recognise this mod. Same with Bow of the Thunder dark. I need to get Open Cities Classic Anvil world to recongnise this mod. I'm new to this and a bit nervous. I don't want to do anything to destroy my current Oblivion install, or wreck my current character. Please can you tell me what needs to be done. I will of course do the work. I'm not asking you to do that for me. I learn nothing and you are lumbered with a problem you can do without. Please read what i have read, and please read what I have said concerning Windows 10. Moving the item into the worldspace may have worked in earlier operating systems. it doesn't seem to work in Windows 10. I'll show you my load order and install order and dxdiag. Hopefully these will help in determining how to solve this. I think it can be solved through Tes4Edit. Please advise. DxDiag.txt 22nd October OBMM Load Order.rtf 22nd October Wrye Bash Mod List.txt
  4. Happy birthday to all birthday people. Hope you had a Great 'Day.
  5. I've just bought a new house in Kvatch.  Moving there soon.

    1. RavenMind


      Congrats! Do I get an invite to your housewarming part? :P

  6. I have an idea what I need to do to solve this. I'm a bit lost, so I'll post the images taken from Tes4Edit. Hope these help
  7. Thanks Ravenmind. I'll have a look at these tutorials, and see what happens. I'm progressing gently. This is all a bit daunting.
  8. Thanks for that Leonardo. Working in Skyrim or no, I think the same principles would be applied to both the creation Kit and construction Set. Do you know of a decent tutorial for the Construction Set, please? Something for beginners, and leading up to intermediate and ultimately advanced. I know the construction set a bit, but need more tutoring.
  9. Excellent tutorial Arthmoor. Now come the questions. The world view screen you have loaded from the Construction Set is from which menu item? I'm asking you so I know what to click on in the Construction Set. That's one. Second question. Moving objects is tricky, arduous and not for the uninitiated. What do you do if the problems you're having are with something like Open Cities? I'll give you two examples. I have Jedi Lightsabers With Sound and Bow of Thunderdark and Open Cities classic installed. Neither mod is present in its Oblivion space. It is present in the Construction Set. Is there a way to keep Open /cities Classic and still have these mods appear in Oblivion, please? Sorry, my first post is problem post.

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