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  1. From experience and what I've learned from the modding community is that all .esm files have to be at the top of the load order or we would experience crashes, and or instability with the game. First would be the FalloutNV.esm then the DLC's and following should be the modified plugins that end with .esm . Now as I play Fallout New Vegas on occasion the game will crash and sometimes it will become unresponsive for a time as if it's ready to crash and that's using LOOT as the Load Order. If I utilize the manual load order the game will load the same but just crash once in awhile. So I throw my arms up in the air and took a deeper look at what's going on. The Fallout 4 Edit shows the same as LOOT that the "Master Files" for the DLC's need cleaned. I'm afraid to do this because I don't exactly know what I'm doing with FO4edit. I've watched a few videos that say to 1st apply the cleaning filter then secondly to right-click delete all the references. At this point I don't know what to do as I've put this Let's Play on hold long enough and now I'm looking for answers from the modding community. Is my load order wrong or is Loot wrong, and if both are wrong could someone please comment and or leave an attachment as to how my load order should be, please? I've attached both load orders my manual load order and the one from LOOT. I thank you all and anyone very much for taking the time to read my post and I will pray for an answer. As gaming is awesome, playing with mods seems to be even better. Oh and before I forget I've used CFF Explorer to enable >4 Gigabytes of Ram or higher, and I play the game in windowed 1280 x 720p not fullscreen. The reason for this is because 1920 x 1080p doesn't adapt well to a 42" Television screen instead it pushes everything off the screen. I could use the AMD application to fix this issue but when doing so it causes other games to crash. Till next time take care everyone and have yourself a wonderful day. Fallout New Vegas LOOT Load Order.txt FNV Load Order Done Manually.txt
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