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    Whole load of things, from storms, geology, volcanoes, astronomy, astrophysics, sciences, meteorology through to writing fiction and playing, Skyrim among other games. Librarian by job history. Good at finding stuff, struggle with software.

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  1. This is the problem - yes, it is enabled! It's sitting there in my load order, enabled in MO2 and in game. LOOT never sees that I am using it. Oh - wait. I apologise. This is a fault entirely of my own making due to confusion over the patches provided by another mod. Please ignore my ramblings. Happy New year!
  2. Hi A little issue, please. I get this message regarding Obsidian Weathers.esp: Obsidian Weathers.esp Sound, Stats You seem to be using True Storms, but you have not enabled a compatibility patch for this mod. A compatibility patch is provided on this plugin's mod page. You seem to be using True Storms, but you have not enabled a compatibility patch for this mod. A third party patch is available here: Obsidian Weathers - TrueStorms Merged Compatibility This plugin is incompatible with "True Storms Special Edition", but both files are present. I actually DO have the "Obsidian Weathers - True Storms Merged Compatibility" third party patch in my load order, which LOOT is not spotting! ( https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17198?tab=posts&BH=2 ) This patch should therefore make the first and third error redundant. (I also use the True Storms / Wet & Cold Patch, if that's of interest.) Is there something that I am not doing correctly at my end, please? Thanks!
  3. LOOT uses the Skyrim SE masterlist for Skyrim VR. "Unknown: Git repository missing" typically means you just haven't run the masterlist update for the first time, to download the masterlist repository. Thank you - it is good to know I am using the correct list for my VR game!
  4. I'm glad Dyame mentioned VR! I'm just going back to my VR game (in which LOOT worked last April). I use Win 10, all game files away from the C Program stuff, and the MO2 environment. I'm used to using LOOT with Skyrim SE. I'm getting: Masterlist Revision Unknown: Git repository missing Masterlist Date Unknown: Git repository missing Yes, that old chestnut. UPDATE! I may have resolved this: please can you confirm that SkyrimVR uses the same masterlist.yaml as Skyrim SE? Switching to that list now makes LOOT work for SkyrimVR, but I do not know if this is the correct thing to do. Thanks...! LOOTDebugLog.txt
  5. So you can't load Whiterun Forest Borealis.esp after ASLAL with those rules. I can remove the after `Landscape Fixes` rule from `ASLAL` since they're seperated by groups.But you may run in to addtional errors. Thank you for the help! You have clarified for me what is going on here. I had spotted the Landscape Grass Fixes and the Whiterun Forest Borealis grouping, and switched them to default group for my load order. But I still can't clear this cyclic interaction notification when sorting; I guess additional rules are stalling me. I'm really just digging my own grave, I suppose. The "Skyrim Tree Project" is a bit of a nebulous title (sorry - I had forgotten I gave it the name). It comes from this YouTube "Ultimate Trees Installation" video by Wazalang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2uHZLNeXqo . It is working around this with my texture packs that has caused me to end up working the way I do. I'd rather not cause you to remove rules from ASLAL. I think I need to sit down and re-evaluate how I am approaching my mods in MO2 rather than fighting LOOT's grouping rules. OK, I'll leave it at that, take your advice and have a re-think. Sorry to have used your precious time but thanks for helping!
  6. Hi Loot team! I have just encountered a Cyclic error which is flummoxing me. I'm used to digging out problems with these Cyclics, but I cannot for the life of me suss this one out. It seems to have arrived on the last Master List update, whereas previously I had no problems sorting. (I will continue to look for the error.) It is something to do with Alternate Start, Whiterun Forest Borealis and Landscape Grass fixes. You'll see from the attached Loot Load order I prefer to cluster Whiterun Forest Borealis and some other tree / landscape mods towards the end of my load order. This is to run the Skyrim Tree Project. The attached load order is not sorted (and I can't sort it anyway) because I was in the midst of jiggling a couple of mods and the updated Minty Lightning Mod - so it will look wonky at the end. I have my own load order rules for the Joy of Perspective through to the end, but none of them (so far as I can tell) cause a cyclic interaction. Most of them are a simple "Load After" ruling. I have manually dragged the offending mods into the right order that LOOT expects, but I still have the Cyclic issue with them. Please, any ideas where I might be fouling up, I'd be grateful. Thank you! Load order 12 Dec.txt LOOTDebugLog.txt
  7. I'm sorry to interrupt, but I found this thread and seek the same help. I updated LOOT yesterday and wanted to sort my Fallout 4, only to get much the same error. I'm using Win 10 (Home) latest updates, set up is well away from C: Program Files. I could pull up a master list from GitHub, but the site confuses my poor little brain cell and I can't find anything to download. Shall I just be patient and wait or is there something local I can fix? Thank you and sorry to trouble you.
  8. As a bit of an outsider, I've been trying to find out why LazyGirl's mod: Wintermute, generates a thrashing script when run in game alongside Amazing Follower Tweaks and Liga of My Companions. (Perhaps it generates the script problem without these; untested.) Well, I came across this bug report for the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch: https://afktrack.afkmods.com/index.php?a=issues&i=22122 . This comment exactly shows the script error I am getting. Here's my Wintermute bug report: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12573?tab=forum Tracking forum. You can see the problem I am hoping to resolve. Now, regarding the AFKtrack link, has there been any development on this, please? Or is there a cure I can apply with a bit of judicious FO4Edit / Creation Kit tweaking? I'd like to use the Wintermute mod, but I don't really want the game engine mulching away at scripts when it should be putting stuff up on the screen. Sorry to bother you, but I hope there is a solution I can apply. Many thanks in advance!

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