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  1. @Daidalos - Thanks for the link, I had yet to read through the open issues on GitHub and did not see it in the OP. Just read in the docs that it was needed so grabbed the latest. @Sharlikran - No worries , it was not an explicit need on my part, just hate something not working so I get to tinkering, plus at my age it keeps the mind sharp or at least I like to think it does
  2. So just a heads up, finally got the python version to run solo with loot. This version https://github.com/loot/loot-api-python/releases/tag/2.0.0 will not let WB load and was the cause of the issues. When I install the files from https://github.com/loot/loot-api-python/releases/tag/1.2.0 which is an older version it loaded up and ran fine. Just an FYI, for some reason WB doesn't like the newer loot_api.dl and loot_api.pyd files.
  3. @Sharlikran - There is nothing to uninstall in WB other than deleting the directory since it's python :/ I have used the standalone version before, but never have touched the installer version. Be that as it may, I was attempting to troubleshoot and provide some feedback on the python version. The stand alone works, was just attempting to use the python since I already had python installed.
  4. Not using MO2, stopped earlier today after it just would not work. That being said, I deleted the settings.yaml file and the directory for the effected game in this case Skyrim SE. Ran Loot, again not using MO2 then ran WB and it still CTD. Logs from this crash. The version of loot_api.dll and loot_api.pyd are from here https://github.com/loot/loot-api-python/releases/tag/2.0.0
  5. That post was, I also attached a copy of my usvfs log to the bottom of it. My posts after were related to just WB..
  6. @Sharlikran - Good didn't mean it that way. Me myself I just want a tool that works. On that note here is what I get from the latest dev version of WB Running the latest version of Loot and the latest api installed. Startup BashBugDump WB CTD's right after I select the game and initial splash screen.
  7. As far as Loot goes I have the latest version installed. 11.0 The API python module is Version 2.0.0 and if I read that correct, it's based off of 10.2, perhaps I need to do a bit of balancing there to get the two to play nice as when I installed the api into python it was a no go. That being said don't take my comments to heart about MO/MO2 my terminology was mainly meant that MO/MO2 is no longer being actively developed. While there are end-user support forums around for it there has only been one person who really made an attempt at taking it up and that has been hit and miss. Tannin has popped in from time to time to offer insight to some of the code work but due to his moving on to NMM .. well I'm sure you know all the rest. Last time I did any code work was 40 years ago and that was with punch cards, things were a bit different back then, so when I have an issue with something I ask around, don't mean to ruffle any feathers with my terminology and for that I apologize.
  8. @Utumno - Below are the logs from both the standalone - no MO2 and from the python version - no MO2. Don't know how anyone got the python to run inside of MO2 can't get it to run on my system and at this point I most likely won't try... I hate vapor-ware seems MO2 is half baked from the original and never finished. I do have a question about the loot api seem WB was complaining about it... forgive if it has been discussed earlier, installed the latest per the readme and it did not like that at all. Appreciate all you do. Standalone log python logs Standalone was version 307.201709160706 and python was latest dev.zip download as of 2 hours prior to this post. And after I cleaned the trash from MO2 WB never asked for an overwrite for either version
  9. @alt3rn1ty - didn't think there was anything to be done, MO has no issues with WB though MO2 does, what got me was that there seems to be a difference between the stand alone and the python versions as the python appears to be working go figure. That and the fact that running the stand alone I was getting the same popup but was able to just select to overwrite was why I was reporting it here with the latest 307.201709160706 build without MO2 in the picture at all.
  10. So I have an issue with WB and MO2 with the latest build 307.201709160706 , I know as a matter of course that this can gets kicked down the road as you don't support WB being use within MO/MO2. That being said with the up coming changes to Win 10 in the Fall release several changes have been made to Win 10's kernel to correct the 4GB dx9 bug along with a few other issues and OS build 16288 is currently being run on both the slow and fast ring concurrently. The stand alone version when run comes up with a pop up in MO2 as shown here it also appears when run just as a stand alone without MO2 involved. The difference is with MO2 the program fails to launch but as just a stand alone without MO2 once the screen is bypassed (answered) the program will launch. From what I have gathered this effects just the stand alone version the python version seems to work although I have yet to confirm this for myself (reported from other users). I've included my logs from WB and MO2 to assist. usvfs-2017-09-16_18-26-32.log
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