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  1. I've been modding Skyrim SE ever since I bought. I have yet to play it due to the many wonderful mods I found and the excellent modding community. Now that SKSE and SKYUI are out, I'm determined to find my sweet spot between the different skills and leveling mods, the combat options, and the game play effects and changes. The real trick is to avoid CTDs which I was successful when I finalized my load order. My question is: What is the difference to having a mod being loaded last versus using a patch? For instance, if I have Wildcat, Combat Evolved and Deadly Combat loaded in that order
  2. Welcome to Skyrim, Creation Club You have just become the new bastard child. As Arthmoor stated, there is a lot of work to do to get SKSE to run with Skyrim Special Edition; any changes to the game that Bethesda makes, it will cause SKSE to stop running. This thread has mentioned that there are other things the SKSE team are doing besides making our gaming life more fun. I miss SKYUI and the use of SKSE for mods, but I will wait patiently for the next update of SKSE.
  3. SKSE - runtime debugging, assembly, and reverse engineering of an exe file. Did we properly thank Ian and Behippo for their work on SKSE? I remember the days where Assembly Language was the only way you can program games. It's been a while, so I would have to do some serious remedial training. As for Flash and ActionScript, I haven't played much with them at all so that would be a learning curve. I agree with you SKSE and SKYUI are working just fine. Some mod authors are waiting until its released before they commit to an MCM. The one's that have it already coded, it is working jus
  4. I've sent an email to the team for SKSE64f which I am using now along with SKYUI Beta. I've been in the IT industry for 20 years. I've also played Oldrim for over 1800 hours and I have yet to play SSE due to my interest in modding. If needed I will download CK, Papyrus and Champolion (sp?) to help with anything related to working on projects for the community. My programming skill set is weak, but I'm a self-taught technician and I have a vast interest in gaming, computer science, and programming (most of my work would benefit from learning algorithms and logice since PowerShell, Python, a
  5. @Lenardo, I didn't finish that sentence completely. Using Skyrim Unleveled, I was unable to complete Bleak Falls Barrow due to the mod's deleveled state. It is a very tough mod, but I've moved on to YASH now. Thanks for your time Lenardo - I do have a lot of questions about modding which I will put in another post in relation to YASH.
  6. @Leonardo - My main concern for combat packages is that the changes made are static; when I complete a battle in worldspace, the enemies are not going to revert back to vanilla levels. If I clear a dungeon or ruin, the respawn time will respawn with the same level of enemies I had before. Using Extensible Follower Framework, I can bring a few NPC's with me to deal with the enhanced enemies that I will fight. Read the list above and let me know what your thoughts are on combat. Leonardo, thanks again for your time.
  7. @Leonardo Here is what I"m thinking for my Armor load order: Immersive Armors Bosmer Armor Pack - it adds more options for Bosmer Armor where IA only has two sets InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack - Silver Bow in this pack Lore Weapons Expansion - Silver weapons here Silver Sword and Shield of the Dragonborn - while not necessary, if I decide to use Skyrim Unleveled with MLU, the silver weapons will become useful. I like this particular silver weapon. Skyrim SE Expanded Weaponry - I've favored this mod over the Lore Weapon Expansion. Since I"m using Insanity's
  8. @Leonardo Thanks for the reply. I forgot to add Immersive Armors in the list. I've also upgraded the WB and found that the author is aware of the header issue but the mod works as expected according to other players. My question is: For the mods listed, what would be a good load order? I use LOOT, however, I want to make sure that the armors and weapons used are in the game. LOOT is good about setting load order and authors are somewhat responsible for entering the correct metadata. I suppose if I needed to, I can add metadata for Load After to get the right sequence of Armor mods
  9. Armor Bosmer Armor Pack - My character I'm playing will be a Bosmer Assassin. I enjoy the rogue archer type of characters over the basic warrior class; the art of the silent kill appeals to me. However, having just a vanilla armor set didn't appeal to me. I found this mod, and it will work nicely with my character. Granted, with the Nightingale set, there is an added bonus wearing that armor set. However, when I explore the dungeons, it's nice to have a heavy armor set just in case, and the Bosmer set fits nicely with many options. Craftable Faction Armor - I tend to make use
  10. Combat Skyrim Unleveled - I like the concepts that this mod applies to the game - armor is penalized for what type is worn. Arrows don't penetrate armor but bolts do. Swords don't penetrate heavy armor but are good against light and no armor. Maces are better against armored opponents. Also the unleveled versions of NPCs and locations give the new meaning to being ready for combat. No longer could my archetype Assassin sneak his way through Bleak Falls Barrow. I would have to buy training or go hunting to get my skills set to a point where I can complete Bleak Falls. Using EFF,
  11. Nukenin, my interest is stirred as well. However, I have no idea why Bethesda would create CreationClub and the .esl data structure. Isn't the modding community working on the current framework? I just watched a video on Creation Club - new weapons, armor, blah, blah, blah. If ESL's are easier for new modder's to create new content, that makes sense. Of course, I find the current modding paradigm working just fine to add new content to Skyrim and Skyrim SE. Is Creation Club what jquery is to web development? Curious. Edit: I just watched GamerPoets "I can't sleep, so I'll talk abo
  12. Just a simple, village question: Are all mods that I've installed need to be updated due to the new USSEP patch version? Or do I just reinstall them? I'm trying the latter to see if I still have some visual issues. Also, the Achievment Mods and Skyrim Skill Uncapper will not work with the new version of SSE. So, I'll post on the pages so the author's can rebuild the dll files. Edit: Acheivements Mod Enabler has been updated. I've installed it, and I'll try a new start to see if it works - from what the log file says (YES), it should work fine. I haven't check Skyrim Skill Unca
  13. No, I have opt out of beta. I have complicated my game play with the mods and I don't need to further complicate by using a beta version. However, as a IT support professional, I would consider using the beta once I have a solid environment with the SSE I have now. As for the adding NPC's, oh I have five or six mods at one time using the "Populated" series of mods with Immersive Patrols, Riverwood Guards, Companions and Followers, and Travellers of Skyrim. I found that to be very overwhelming but still got 60 FPS. I have not used the SSE Fixes for the FPS fix where I can get more FP
  14. I have completely uninstalled via NMM all of my mods and I am starting over - I'll validate my cache files and clean the esm's again (update, dragonborn, dawnguard, and hearthfire) using SSE edit. My question to the community is what order should I add mods? Environment -> Combat -> Models and Textures -> Places and Player Homes -> Cities, Towns, Villages ->...etc. In my original post I have the mods listed in pictures - here are the categories for my mods: Strat
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