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  1. I'm surprised this topic still getting replies, i think the blade is still decent, mid and late, even tho i have to enchant my gear to up it's dmg sacrificing other enchantments (210 dmg so far without alchemy) Either way the blade is still kicking even at level 42 on legendary. But it's still way behind if you use alchemy and enchanting on... any weapon in the game.
  2. Could have used that advice a couple of months ago lol Can't even remember how many times i had to clean uninstall my skyrim and clean my master files again because of mods.
  3. I understand that, either way i wont be able to migrate from v3.0.9 to v3.0.10 until i make a new char or feel like it, so there's that.
  4. So now way to get a previous version of the mod ? damn it. EDIT: nvm friend still had v3.0.9
  5. I do myself think lore is important, but in these particular situations its like sacrificing 2 for 1, viability and balance for little to no lore, Bethesda has some questionable decisions and i always thought the original decision of making it upgradable was a solid win. Either way, i'm not really arguing, if it's for the best so be it, while i'm at it, is there any way to get a previous version of the mod ? There doesn't seem to be anything on the net that isn't up to date, my current character had an upgraded ebony so it's something that will make my life miserable until i make a
  6. I think balance should be in favor here, it's a big shame to see it like this considering now most weapons can surpass it's dmg. (Without taking 30 dmg life steal effect in account)
  7. Hands down my favorite weapon for my two-handed builds, such a shame to see it being kinda dumped down again. >>Lore says it can't be melted, but it says nothing about it not being able to be improved ? This blade already needs the player to be lvl 20 to be unlocked, by that time experienced players would already have access to ebony - deadric - dragonbone. So again, reverting it to it's original state is really questionable. Another downside is it needing 10 friendly npcs killed to maximize it's dmg output, even tho you can get a beggar and use the ritual stone (wh
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